Camila Alves & Her Planet Blue Boy

Brazilian model Camila Alves and her 1 1/2-year-old son Levi went shopping at Planet Blue in Malibu, Calif. today (May 18).

Last week, we spotted Levi out with little sister Vida, 4 months, and Camila’s mother.

Levi and Vida’s father is Camila’s partner, Dazed and Confused star Matthew McConaughey.

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  • What the….

    The other day this kid is barefoot and dressed in only a pair of ripped shorts and today he’s bundled up like they’re expecting a storm. His wardrobe is ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Cut the hair please!

  • Kat

    is it me or does his hair looked dyed? ugh

  • CDionFan21

    does this kid ever grow? he’s like the same size all the time. he never gets bigger.

    • Anonymous

      Lulz. best comment ever.

  • Anonymous

    camila is so beautiful and his son is just the cutest 🙂

  • Anonymous

    well…yesterday i was in bikini on the beach and today i just opened my fireplace at home. it is spring..the weather is tricky!
    I love this family!

  • Tazina

    People seem to expect a one and a half year old to be an amazon….. Strange…and then to say his hair is dyed….grasping at straws to find something mean to say.

    • Anonymous

      I know! right? Some people seems like they can’t help being so obnoxious about this little guy and is getting worse.

  • Anonymous

    This kid needs a haircut andhe always looks homeless!

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t said to be mean, so don’t flame me, it’s just an observation: I’d swear that little boy has some form of dwarfism. He’s so itty-bitty, and his proportions and facial features are similar to those found with dwarfism. I’m curious to see if this is actually the case…he’s a cute little guy regardless.

    • Anonymous

      Your observations are simple ignorant, he looks normal for 1+ year old, why are people being so rude to this family?

      • Anonymous

        I wasn’t being rude or insulting. I was merely making an observation. Actually, I made two observations; the first being that he has some markers (or what appear to me to be markers) of dwarfism of some variety, and the second being that he is really stinkin’ cute. I wasn’t in any way being negative. I mean, seriously, get a grip.

        • Anonymous

          I’m sorry! but you are continuing being rude and ignorant. good bye.

  • Anonymous

    He looks like a dirty, homeless rat. He obviously is not very well taken care of.

  • sg

    He is so perfect! Precious little guy!

  • Anonymous

    Levi is so adorable. People are so mean. I don’t think he looks like a small person, but if he is so what? You would ridicule him because of something he is born with? That is just disgusting – and we wonder why so many young children commit suicide.

    He is beautiful and so is is mommy!

    • Anonymous

      I assume you’re referring to my original comment about dwarfism. Where exactly in that post did I ridicule him? Oh, that’s right, I DIDN’T.

      • Anonymous

        YES YOU DID try harder.

  • luny

    matthew and camila are the ones making him ugly!Levi always looks dirty,if parents want their kids to have long hair at least make sure the hair is clean,it looks like they don’t even comb levi’s hair.I don’t like long hair for boys but it works for some of them ryder, river,blanket …but not for ALL boys.

  • Anonymous

    Take a look at his shoes..they have no crepe and his legs are all wet..poor little child.

  • really guys?? rude comments here.. he’s just a kid and he’s beautiful.

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