Cate Blanchett Covers W Magazine

Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett graces the cover of the June issue of W Magazine. In the interview, the stunning Elizabeth actress, who is mom to three boys, Dashiell, 8, Roman, 6, and Ignatius, 2 opened up about her honest relationship with husband Andrew Upton, raising boys, and the possibility of having another child.

On having 3 boys & the possibility of a fourth: “Everyone says, ‘Oh, you must have [been trying] to have a girl. If the next one was a boy, then that’s just our lot! It’s true you do get a bit demented [with three boys], the chaos of it is great.”

On her childrens’ tv & video game habits: “My kids don’t watch any TV, but they watch videos and films. I’m sure they watch it at friends’ houses. And my eldest got a Wii for his birthday last year. We had held off on it for a while. Then my husband said, let him play it–a few weeks later he’ll get bored. And he did. He played it manically for a month but that was it in the end.”

On teaching her children about theater: “You’ve just got to present it to them and they take what they take. It’s important to me that it doesn’t feel like a family business to them. So that they have a life that’s not continually centered around what we do.”

For the complete interview with Cate, visit W Magazine

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