John Travolta & Kelly Preston Are Expecting!

Amazing news to report!

John Travolta and Kelly Preston, who have lived through the tragedy of losing a son, announce today that they are expecting a baby, PEOPLE reports.

It’s impossible to keep a secret … especially one as wonderful as this,” John and Kelly say in a statement. “We want to be the first to share this great news with everyone that we are expecting a new addition to our family. Love, John, Kelly and Ella”

Travolta, 56, and Preston, 47, are also parents to Ella Bleu, 10. Their 16-year-old son Jett, died tragically of a seizure in January 2009.

Congratulations to the Preston-Travolta family!

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • klutzy_girl

    Congratulations to them!

    Why do I have a weird feeling they’re going to have twins? I think it’s because of her age.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to them – I wonder whose egg it is and how much they paid for it??

  • Anonymous


  • rachel s

    I totally understand why they would want another child after losing their son tragically. I didn’t know a woman her age could have a baby. I’m suspecting she didn’t conceive naturally, but to be fair I guess she could of.

  • Ellen

    Surprise, but women, menstruating women, can have a baby at 46 without medical intervention. My mother was a late life baby.

  • Brandi

    WOW! Some people just say some horrible things. If they want to have another baby then they can. Why do you have to say such a mean thing. Congratulations to John and Kelly!! And also little Ella Blu. I hope you enjoy your new bundle of joy.

    • Anonymous

      Well, not everybody can have another baby just when they want to. In many cases it takes a lot of money. But of course I’m happy for them. But I’m also sad for the people who are not able to have a child they want to.

  • Marilyn

    Wow, this is a surprise, and yes, you can get pregnant at 47 — you can still have that time of the month, but it might be harder. She’s only a couple of weeks older than me. I wouldn’t want to be pregnant at 47/48 but I can see how they’d want another child. I would have guessed they’d use a surrogate or adopt but since she can still carry a baby, that’s ok, too.

  • SarahC

    Awh! This is amazing news! I am so happy for the Travolta-Preston family! Congratulations!! (:

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry CBS moderators! I didn’t take my medicine. Please forgive me. Congratulations to the Travolta family! Please dont block me…I love reading your site as you can tell. Thanks guys.

  • Anonymous

    Sooo happy for them!!! Congrats!!!

  • Marilyn

    If you look at the Star magazine website, it shows them on the cover and says she’s three months pregnant and that John announced the pregnancy just two hours after Star did on its website. He wanted to announce it before Star did apparently.

  • Hannah.J

    That is such great news, I wish them all the best.

  • CDionFan21

    Yet Celine Dion was 41 when they annouced she was pregnant for a second time and people jumped all over her for wanting another baby at her age saying she was to old and should just give up on a baby. Love how people are so hypocritical of Celine but not Kelly.

    • klutzy_girl

      I think it’s different this time because of the tragedy in their life.

      • CDionFan21

        Celine had a miscarriage, she lost a baby as well. Its no different to me. She deserves a baby just as much as Kelly. Celine struggled for six years to have one baby.

        • Solène

          Well, having struggling 6 years when she was a young woman she should have known that it was only going to be more difficult 8 years later! And I’m sorry, losing a three months fetus and losing a 16 year old is NOT the same!

          Anyway, Congrats to the Preston-Travolta family!

          • CDionFan21

            So what just because Celine was 41 when she tried to have another baby that means she should have known better? Yet Kelly is 6 years older and its okay? So its okay for Celine’s baby to die and it doesn’t matter? I think not. The Travolta family suffered a terrible loss as does anyone who loses a child either in a miscarriage or an older child. It doesn’t matter what age the child is its still terrible.

  • Anonymous

    People are speculating because it is very very very rare for a woman of 47 to fall pregnant using her own eggs. The women who have are ones with over 10 kids (maybe being pregnant so many times or for most of your adult life preserves your eggs or something). It is their right not to say anything if they are using donor eggs, but it lets women go on believing that they can postpone motherhood indefinitely with no consequences.

    • Anonymous

      Very right, good point! And I think it’s also sad for people who are not able to pay $ 100.000 for a donor and gestational carrier. It makes us think that if you want something, you can just have it. But good for them.

    • Ellen

      My OB GYN says from 45-to 50 is a 45% successrate for natura conception. Those are actually very good odds.

      • Anonymous

        Your OBGYN needs to go back to medical school. He or she could not be more wrong. There is actually a LESS THAN ONE percent chance of natural conception, and an 80% miscarriage rate. My RE won’t even see a 45 year old woman unless she is using donor eggs.

      • Anonymous

        Your OBGYN is flat out wrong. After 43, it is nearly impossible to get pregnant using your own eggs. 1% success rate is about right. After age 46, you have a ZERO percent chance of getting pregnant with your own eggs (unless you froze them from when you were in your 30s).

  • Sonya

    Wow! Wasn’t expecting this one!

    Now only for Demi Moore and Ashton to announce a pregnancy (or surrogacy) and we’re all set.

  • Courtney

    congratulations to the family a child is always a blessing and this little boy or girl isn’t a replacement for Jett

  • Alycia

    what amazing news, congrats to the family!

  • Cabos

    Shocking but wonderful!!

  • Caleen

    Yes, 47 is a little late in life to become pregnant, but not impossible obviously. My grandmother gave birth to my dad at age 45. Kelly and John are a wonderful couple who have overflowing love for each other. It is wonderful that they have been blessed with this pregnancy – we all know they will give unconditional love to this child. Congratulations to them – they deserve it.

  • Anonymous

    I recently saw a documentary called ‘Google baby’, and it’s actually what happens. You google for a donor, you pay 5000 euros to a student who has sold her eggs. And if you can’t afford the expensive gestational carrier in the US, there are women in India who carry ‘your’ baby for much less.

    I’m telling this not to judge, but just for your information. What do people tell to these children? Who are their parents? Some babys are made out of 3 persons (anonymous sperm donor, egg donor and the carrier) that have no relationship with the actual parents.

  • Kati

    Congratulations to the whole Travolta-Preston family! Like Courtney said this baby certainly isn´t a replacement for Jett. No one can replace that adorable boy who died so tragically. I just wish that that this little boy or girl will be healthy. That´s all what matters. Ella sure is thrilled to have a new baby brother or sister. She will neve forget her big brother but this new baby sure will be very dear to her too.

  • Tazina

    If there was a problem getting pregnant and concerns about the age of the mother, then why not have a surrogate to carry the baby also? Just wondering as really, who cares. The main thing is that they have a healthy baby. Congrats!

  • Shirilicious

    For all we know they might have a surrogate carrying the embryo. That press release only says that they are expecting, not that Kelly is pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    If she has a uterus, she can carry a baby, but I will bet that at her age it’s donor eggs. Not impossible for it to be her eggs, but unprobable.

    No matter how conceived, any child is a blessing.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to them.
    It’s quite possible that they either froze embryos or eggs several years ago with the anticipation that they may eventually want more kids.

  • Anonymous

    Umm it doesn’t actually say in the article that they’re expecting a baby. Maybe they’re getting a new dog!

    • Shannon

      I was just going to say that! There was news recently about their dogs dying at an airport. Maybe they decided to get new ones. Who knows? (Although, with the way the statement is worded, I would certainly be inclined to believe it’s a baby over a dog, but still….)

      If they are indeed expecting a baby, there is still a chance it could be her own eggs. If she had not yet reached menopause, it’s possible. My own mother didn’t until she was 50, so while she wouldn’t have wanted to, she could have concevied until then.

      Regardless, if a new baby is indeed what they are announcing, then many, many congrats to them I hope everything turns out wonderfully for them, they seem like good people.

  • luny

    This is great news! they deserve this blessing after their terrible loss,I wish them all the best!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget the age of Travolta may also be a problem, not only the mother to have a healthy child .
    So, with Scientology, everything is possible! Tom Cruise is now a father, although magazines always said us he was sterile!
    I really think their widowhood is getting in a curious form.
    Anyway, congratulations!

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s really odd that Scientology doesn’t allow admitting your child is autistic, or letting you use medication for post partum depression, but it allows IVF and donor eggs. What a religion full of paradoxes.

  • rachel s

    I watched this show I believe on DHC called “Pregnant and 70” or something like that. It had women who gave birth past age 55. They all used donor eggs, and one of the women almost died while giving birth.

  • Kate

    wow would have never expected this…but CONGRATS! this is wonderful news for their family! I’m so so happy for them! 🙂

  • Elizabeth Jones

    They are probably having the baby because their son died. God bless 4 them!
    By the way I found a website that give you prizes for your opinions here is the topic about this Couple:

  • Marilyn

    On ET, it says she’s due around Thanksgiving.

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