Ellen Pompeo: You Have To Set An Example For Healthy Living

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is determined to set an example of healthy living for her daughter Stella Luna. The healthy mom, who was frequently spotted heading to the gym while pregnant, spoke with OK Magazine about teaching her daughter how to eat healthy and be active, and how losing her mother at the age of four has made her determined to stay healthy.

Of teaching her family the importance of healthy living, the 40-year-old said,

You have to set an example. What you do, they’ll do. Your kids are going to mimic anything you do, and if you only put healthy food in the fridge, that’s the only choice they have. If you only cook one thing, that’s what your husband’s going to have to eat. You have to put yourself first, and say ‘this is what I made, and this is what you’re going to eat.’ If you’re not healthy, you’re not around, and there is no wife and mother. We certainly want more birthdays and more Mother’s Days.”

Pompeo also touched on losing her mother at a young age and the impact it has had on her, adding, “I grew up without a mother, and it’s extremely important. It’s terrible to lose your mother. It’s terrible to lose anyone. We have to do it for them. We’re so busy being martyrs a lot of the time, doing everything for them. Well, this is for them. Taking care of yourself is for them.”

Pompeo and husband Chris Ivery have been married since late 2007 and welcomed Stella 8 months ago.

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