First Photos Of Kendra Wilkinson & Family Since Sex-Tape Scandal

Since news broke of Kendra Wilkinson’s sex-tape, her seemingly-perfect life has been collapsing around her, Life & Style reports. Spotted for the first time since the tape surfaced, Kendra, her hubby Hank Baskett and their 6-month-old son Hank IV were seen at a park in Palm Springs, Calif. on Thursday (May 13).

“They managed to put aside their differences for the sake of their child,” an onlooker says. “There was some tension, but they managed to get over their problems and focused on the baby.”

Reportedly, Kendra is struggling to hold her marriage together and she’ll do whatever it takes to put the sex-tape scandal behind her — including having another child with her husband. An insider reveals, “They’ve been trying for a second child for a while. And Kendra hopes it will happen sooner rather than later.”

“Kendra knows she upset Hank over all this sex-tape stuff, and she wants it all to go away,” the insider continues. “Focusing on another baby would help. Plus, it would make for more great TV for the show [Kendra].”

Do you think Kendra and Hank are on the rocks over the sex-tape scandal?

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Photo credit: Life & Style

  • cyberkitten40

    Wasn’t she a playboy bunny or somethin like that? If so is this any surprise that a sex tape would have been made at some point during that time?

    • Anonymous

      hank is a decent guy and i sure as hell do not think their relatioship is on the rocks..Kendra is a wonderful person and so is Hank..if anyone can keep their relationship strong it is Kendra and Hank..i realise Hank would be upset however, everyone has a past! why don’t everyone worry about their own lives instead of tryin to make money out of RUINING someone elses lives especially when there is a baby involved..kendra and hank are great parents i say GO KENDRA & HANK u guys are awesome, love ur show. whatever it is that’s going on u guys must remember y u love each other and not worry about one’s past because that is exactly where the past should stay, IN THE PAST! Sex tape?wipdee fucken shit! who cares everyone has sex,everyone loves sex,everyone enjoys sex but one day sooner or later that lifestyle will settle down and now Kendra is married everyone cares about a stinkin sex tape..what is rong with the world!

  • Brandi

    I love this Kendra and this family. Keep your head up girl and and enjoy your beautiful family.

  • Avonymous

    i agree with cyberkitten40, what’s the big surprise? we all know what she is.


      What do you mean ” we all know what she is ” You sound like your a hater! We all know she was a very fun, out going, young, pretty little playboy bunny…so what, that was her job then, and she was very successful to! She was good at being a playboy bunny, so why are you hating on her? She’s come a long way since then! She’s married with a child today, so that makes her a good wife and mother! I bet you still hating on her today and she’s not a playboy bunny now, but what she is today, is NOT what you would have thought because your trying to say that she’s some kind of a whore! Well ya wrong! Don’t hate the girl cause she got it going on and you wish that you did look as good as Kendra and had what she have! Your just jealous, but get over it! Kendra, do yo thang girl, you knew it was going to be chicks like this one… mad about her life so therefore they can’t allow them self’s to be happy for you, but don’t worry about her, you got it going on…..know that. love you!

      • Anonymous

        shes a slu t

      • Anonymous

        i totally agree with you on this one sheila jai..kendra is an awesome mother..what comes from one’s past should stay right where it was left behind..IN THE PAST..poor kendra and her family having to deal with this scandal after just having a baby! it’s cruel to harm someone, but u can never be more cruel then hurting a baby..what people don’t realise is that WHAT AFFECTS A MOTHER/PARENT, AFFECTS THEIR CHILD..all just hater’s..and u only hate on someone 1 coz ur jelous or 2 ur more jelous and have nothing better to do then criticise what u want but don’t or will never have..GO KENDRA!!u rock!

  • Anonymous

    She was a playmate who slept w/ Hugh and the other 2 women. Why would he be upset?


      How do you know who she was sleeping with? Was you there….HELL-TO-DA-NO! and if she did, what do that have to do with her ex doing that bullshit to her now? Really, stop thinking you know what she was about because she was a PLAYBOY BUNNY! Why is that such a bad thing? You know if you had it like Kendra and Heff came up to you saying what he said to Kendra, you would of took him up on that offer too, so stop being all hateful towards Kendra girl, because she all good.

  • What the….

    Yeah, why be upset? It’s not like he thought he was marrying the Virgin Mary.

  • milania clarke

    poor kids have a notorious slut for a mom


      Dam! I see just about all the chicks on here don”t have no love for Ms. Kendra. I think if you not a fan of her’s, don’t even read up on anything about her, I mean all them shity ass attitudes you chick’s have towards her is just plan sad! What the fuck did she ever do to some old fat hommie ass chick’s like y’all? You can’t be mad at her for turning your man on, be mad at ya self for not keeping your body up! I bet all of you who talking all the bull about her is 1. white fa-sho, 2. look older than you are, 3. a stay at home mom w/ 3+ kids all under the age of 5, 4. look like you don’t know nothing about fashions or cosmetics! And that’s why ya hate Kendra! GET OVER IT! YA UNHAPPY TIRED ASS CHICK’S! All of you should be a shame of your self’s , hate’n on that young pretty girl! lmao at y’all! lol,lol,lol Suck it up!

  • Anonymous

    Leave them alone! Nobody’s perfect, Let God Almighty be their JUDGE.

  • Sara lee

    Wow this story is such crap. Kendra’s been trying for a while to get pregnant again and their son is only all of 6 months old! I mean seriously who writes this stuff. I would understand if thechild is 2 yrs old already even a yr old but goodness sake he’s only 6 months. If it is true then it’s about time women stop using babies to try and keep a man. It’s the dumbest tactic ever and if things don’t work out the child ends up losing out. And why is this goodlooking intelligent black man with this white trash anyways. Hugh hefners left overs. I swear black men in hollywood are screwed up in the head. She’s not even goodlooking trashy as they come and she’s who he picked to carry on his legacy. WOW! What happens when their son grows up and sees episodes of girls next door


      …..And another one! SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU JEALOUS HOE”S! them kids ain’t gonna miss out on nothing! Kendra fuck’en y’all hoe’s up! DAM! y’all just some haters fa-real! Can you say ” GO KENDRA ” LOL,LOL,LOL

  • Peta

    That headline is ridiculous. Your marriage is in trouble so you have another baby? I’m not saying that this story is true; I’m just questioning anyone who makes that decision. Babies are not a fix-all!

    As for the sex tape: I’m pretty sure Hank is not a complete idiot and he had an idea what his wife’s past was like. This ought not to have surprised him.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are heartless. lol. I honestly doubt Hank thought he was marrying a saint. But it’s still emotional when your wife makes the headline in sex tape scandal. I honestly think Kendra like most of the former adult entertainers (Jenna Jameson and Jenny McCarthy) mature at some point in their lives and try to get out of the business and reinvent their image as a mother and/or wife. Sadly the past can’t be hidden.

    And for those of you calling her a “slut” and white trash you better be keeping an eye on your husbands and boyfriend s because they are probably watching her sex tape right now!!!! Who’s the slut now 😉

    • Anonymous

      “Who’s the slut now?”

      Obvious answer: the slut getting banged for money on the tape…

      • Anonymous

        Actually it would be your significant other…. 🙂


      finally! thank you! that’s what I’m talking about, stop throwing Kendra under the bus and think about why yo husband have not made it home yet! LOL, he’s just like you said girl….out somewhere watching Kendra do her thang! lol, but hey, you might get some ass because of Ms. Kendra, so can you say ” THANK YOU KENDRA ” for giving us a sex life again….lol,lol

    • Anonymous

      so so right..i mean what male wouldn’t want a bitta KENDRA haha ur mez are pwobly fantasising bout KENDRA while fucking all u hoes shame on you!!

  • Anonymous

    Slut on Tape – what a surprise! I knew this marriage wouldn’t last. And it won’t.

  • Anonymous

    What is in the past is in the past yes she had a wild lifestyle before Hank but look at the turn around she has done married and a baby Hank if you are upset gget over it Kendra is all about you and Hank Jnr best of luck to them

  • ibukun

    you guys should stop blaming her, she was 18 when she shot the sex video, she was young and adventurous now she’s a lot more matured and sensible. this should act as a lesson to all young girls, think twice about what you do now cos it will come hunting you back when you least expect it.

  • Lee Sara

    Her son can get together with the sons of the PuertoRican wrestler Tito ortiz and discuss how screwed up their fathers were. Kendra made one sex tape with her boyfriend she didn’t have thousands of sexual partners the way Jenna Jameson did but Tito Ortiz married her anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Having another child isn’t going to help things…it would make it worse.

  • Anonymous

    Ok ok let’s be real here who grows up knowing they will be in the public eye? I am 24 and my job now means I am in the public eye but really if people knew what I did when I was 18…well! At the time I didnt think “at 23 I will get a career in the public eye so let me not do this”. Everyone has done something they shouldn’t have but who knows cos you’re are not in he public eye and have people looking for you on the Internet etc. People tell me things they’ve found about me that I never would expect to be there!!

  • PrincessOf IraQ

    What gets me is his from a good family, why the hell would he chose to marry a playboy bunny, talk about pussy whipped lol
    pretty shameful, considering if the tapes go public all his mates will sit around with beer and chips yahooing at kendras dirty coochie…yew


      Now you really trippin! Why would you say she has a dirty coochie? How old are you jealous hoe’s? Get off of Kendra’s bra strap! If you don’t have anything good to say about her, why say anything? You don’t no nothing about Hank and where he came from nor do you know enough about Kendra to be that dam hateful! You haters are making yourself’s look worst than you already do, cause I know y’all all must be ugly and fat ass the fuck, and could never take such tasteful picture’s in the nude for nobody’s magazine like Kendra! You don’t like her, but I bet you couldn’t wait to look at her in playboy when your husband finally came out the bathroom with that book she was in! lol, sorry chick’s….do something with your self’s so yo man will want to come home to yo asses!

  • Anonymous

    hank and kendra are really in love. she’s amazing, beautiful funny and he knows that, of course when you have a baby every day is harder and problems are there.but it’s normal….about the sex tape:?¿¿????¿?¿ was she married??if the answer is not, it’s fine.
    this baby is really beautiful, please post more not a fan of reallity tv but i think anyone have rights and who sells a sex video tape is a bad person, specially if you see how love are in the basketts family.

    go kendra!

  • Anonymous

    The tape shows how slim & beautiful she USED to look. Quite a shocker compared to now.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, she’s built like a refrigerator now.

  • Anonymous

    she is ummmm bulky….that’s the best word right now

  • Plexico

    Hank should kick Kendra to da curb

  • Anonymous

    Well the truth why be suprised!And i dont understand why people are making such a big deal out of itt!Shez not the first or last person to make that mistake for real!

  • Anonymous

    ok im probably the youngest on here an the people talking crap sound stupid and immature. its called HAVING A BABY in case you forgot. no-one looks good after that happens until they work out WHICH she is doing. an hank seems to love the heck out of kendra anyways so what happens with them is no-ones business. i dont see why the people talking crap are so caught up on the sex tape, everyone makes mistakes point blank, im sure no-one on here hasnt thats for sure. people change an move on, the past is the past get over it and grow up.

  • buy synthroid

    Really interesting blog, keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    She is annoying…fake, conceited and her laugh is lame. Hank is an idiot. He could do so much better than this trashy whore. She just got lucky by spreading her legs for Hef and that is the only reason she has money, is married to this poor sap, and is semi celebrity. Otherwise she’d just be another trashy ho working at a bowling alley with a child out of wedlock. Wait, that sounds like my exes wife. ha!

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