Sandra Bullock Is A “Natural” With Baby Louis

After months of secrecy, Sandra Bullock brought her 4-month-old son, Louis Bardo Bullock, out in public over Mother’s Day weekend in New Orleans, and several days later in Austin, Texas, Us reveals.

Last Friday (May 14) in Austin – where Sandra owns a home – the proud new mom was “showing the baby off to just random people in stores,” a fellow shopper says. “Sandra was in a really happy mood.”

Bullock, 45, appears to be “such a natural with [Louis] and so easygoing and chill,” local store owner Jennifer Mazuelos says. “He’s such a big boy!”

After learning that her husband Jesse James was having multiple affairs, the Academy Award-winner filed for divorce in April and is now settling into full-time motherhood.

“Sandra is loving it!” a friend tells Us. Adds another pal: “Having Louis around is perfect therapy for what she went through with Jesse.”

While the Miss Congeniality star hadn’t considered adopting alone prior to the split, her unexpected single parenthood has been “an extraordinary lesson for her,” a friend says.

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Photo credit: Us

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that when Jen Garner dresses like this people call her a slob…
    Now she can be like Meg Ryan and all the other celebrity moms…It does
    come naturally.. just looking at her…What secret deal.. She has full custody
    of the child.. It is like when Angie divorced Billy Bob and they had Maddox
    together.. Doubt you will see Jesse with the baby… And now that Sandi
    is hanging out with non celebrities that is even better..

  • Shirilicious

    What has Sandra Bullock done to her face? In most of her photos this year she doesn’t look like she has “aged gracefully”.

    • TeriLeigh

      She’s been through a horidous ordeal. I’m sure she’s had cried a million tears since she’s heard the news. I know I went through the same thing but I was married for 18 years. She looks great to me considering it’s only been a few months. I was a wreck for over a year.

  • Anonymous

    When people call Jennifer Garner a slob it’s because she wears an ill fitting t shirt and jeans that are not in current style and are about 4 inches too long. In that pic. Sandra is wearing nice fitting, relevant jeans and a form fitting top that is in style. She also added a cute hat to the mix. I am not bagging on Jennifer Garner at all as I am a huge fan of hers, I am just pointing out the differences. Louis is so adorable by the way!!

  • Anonymous

    i find a part of a phrase a bit weird:

    “is now settling into full-time motherhood.”

    I thought she really was like a mother to JJ’s kids even if they aren’t oficially hers

  • Anonymous

    The only reason some call Jen Garner a slob is simply because of jealously and an attempt to discredit her because she is such an inspiration to a lot of busy moms. They can’t find anything negative to say about her and jump on that stupid theory. BTW, Jen always looks clean and neat and I like that she is not concerned about the lastest fashion when she is being a mom and wife to her family.

    I also like Sandra and appreciate her for how she chooses to spend her off time as well. Not all mothers have to be painted with the same brush. Every woman has the right to dress and mother in their own way.

    There is enough fault to go around when it comes to nitpicking parenting styles, hence the way Sandra is holding that baby, (looks very awkward), she will eventually hold him with a lot more ease as time goes by.

    I say let’s celebrate all moms and refrain from unnecessary criticism. Best to Sandy and Louis and all mothers, celebs or non-celebs.

  • Tina from AZ

    Sandra and her cute little boy (Louis) look great together! Looks like they are just meant for one another. It was meant to be that’s why the universe made it happen for both. Sandra, you are an amazing, resilient woman, you and your new bundle of joy (Louis) are going to be just fine. I can just see Sandra, pouring out so much love on sweet little Louis every day. Louis is going to have the best mom ever! Sandra, we, your fans have faith in you that you are going to be a wonderful, doting mom and you have a very bright future ahead of you. You are going to do great in life so don’t be scared about raising your new son as a single parent. You are already a natural at it. Remember, babies just need love and attention and you are already giving your darling son just that. If Louis could speak, he’d probably say, ‘thanks mom for loving me so much’! Best of luck to you! Your fan, Tina from Arizona.

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