Progress Made In Mindy McCready Custody Case

Country singer Mindy McCready faced her mother, Gayle McCready Inge in court yesterday, (May 20) in hopes of gaining custody of her four-year-old son, Zander. The 34-year-old Celebrity Rehab star has been very open about her past drug abuse and domestic violence issues, and now having completed a rehab program, she had hoped to gain immediate custody.

McCready opened up to Radar Online over her concerns of her celebrity status getting in the way of justice being served, saying, “I feel like the state of Florida has purposefully made this more difficult on me than anyone else, period…This is a big deal to them that they don’t have any other people in the celebrity spotlight.”

Though McCready feels that her mother may be using Zander against her for her own purpose, as the two have a strained relationship, her mother said,

We love Mindy and there’s no question about bonding. He (Zander) loves his mother, talks to her all the time, looks at pictures, calls her Marilyn Monroe–he loves her. I saw them together last night they hugged and kissed and he played and had a great time and when he she left he said ‘Mommy come back and kiss me again.’”

McCready insists that Zander, whose father is ex-boyfriend Billy McKnight, is her priority, saying “I’m not perfect by any means. I’m not perfect. I have made a lot of mistakes, but my mistakes have nothing to do with this situation. I love my child; my child and I deserve to be together. The mistakes that I’ve made are only going to make me a better parent.”

According to E! Online, the judge has granted McCready supervised visits with her son until her next court date in less than 45 days.

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