Candice Michelle Welcomes Daughter AkiAnne Rose

Former WWE wrestler/”Go Daddy Girl” Candice Michelle and husband KenGee Ehrlich have welcomed their first child, daughter AkiAnne Rose. A rep for Michelle told Celebrity Baby Scoop that baby AkiAnne was born on Sunday, May 23 in Los Angeles, weighing in at 6lbs., and 20″ was long.

Michelle, who already registered a domain name for her daughter, reportedly told her family of meeting her daughter, “AkiAnne is more beautiful than we ever imagined she could be.”

The 31-year-old model/actress and Ehrlich, a Los Angeles-based Chiropractor, have been married for five years.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Sophia

    I KNOW that it’s each to their own and we should embrace differences, etc, but that name is so messed up. I mean, the Rose in the middle is lovely but I just cannot get my head around ‘AkiAnne’, especially the capital letter half way through. But, congratulations, of course. I’m sure she’s beautiful 🙂

  2. Britney

    AkiAnne is a werid name and also is KenGee but I am so happy for her.I use to remember her on tv wreslting other divas. I saw when she won the women’s championship and now she is a mom the years have gone by fast.She is such a classy lady and all you haters BACK OFF.I saw the baby and she is so cute.Candice will make a great mom.Congrats to Candice and her husband.

  3. Suzzanna

    Candice! I can’t believe your a mom already! I miss you so much eversince you were gone in WWE. I know that your top priority now is to take good care of AkiAnne, make her a better daughter and all, so I wish you all the best for you and your family! I will never forget your wrestling life. My best wishes to AkiAnne. 🙂

  4. kate

    im happy for candice she was one of the best wwe diva ever

  5. Anonymous

    super late on this but for everyone saying akianne is a weird name,its both candice and kengee’s mothers names who have both passed away

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