Niki Taylor: I Want My Kids To Do What Makes Them Happy

Supermodel Niki Taylor has faced many challenges in her thirty-five years. The mom-of-three married young, had her twin boys at age 19, lost her teenage sister at 20, faced a divorce at 21, and was critically injured in a car accident at 26.

Taylor has now settled into a comfortable life in Brentwood, Tennessee with her husband of three years, NASCAR driver Burney Lamar. The couple welcomed their first child together, daughter Ciel Taylor in March 2009 to join big brothers Jake and Hunter, now 15. In an interview with Mom Magazine, the happy mom opened up about raising teenagers, babies, and the possibility of having another child.

On keeping her children grounded: “They’ve gotta know right from wrong right from the start. Right now with Ciel, it’s “No don’t touch that,” “No don’t put that in your mouth” and “Please, thank you, and may I.” So we’re a broken record right now, but we did the same thing with Jake and Hunter. I think faith is very important and it starts at a very young age. You have to believe in somethin’. And it’s so important to help others, get outside yourself, volunteer, and donate whatever you can.”

On her hopes for her children: “I hope they don’t rush into anything and take their time with decisions. I want them just to be true to themselves and just to do what makes them happy.”

On having a fourth child: “We’ve been talking about having another baby. It would be nice to give her a little brother or sister pretty soon. Plus I’m not a spring chicken anymore.”

For the complete interview pick up the latest issue of Mom Magazine

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Her kids are so gorgeous!


She’s 34! She’s still a spring chicken.


So, how long after the car wreck did it take niki to get back on her feet again? I need the average time!