The Federline Brothers Are Preschool Pals

Kevin Federline was spotted picking up his two sons – Sean Preston, 4 ½, and Jayden James, 3 ½ – from preschool on Tuesday (May 25) in Tarzana, Calif. Kevin carried their lunch bags and helped them into their car seats.

The boys’ mother is pop star Britney Spears. Kevin is also father to daughter Kori, 7 ½, and son Kaleb, 5 ½ with actress Shar Jackson.

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    The situation between Kevin and Britney was hot mess from the start but it panned out the best possible ending, especially for Sean and Jayden. Kevin is undeniably a great father (IMO) to all his children. You always see him with at least one of his children. I think his problem with him is settling down with his children’s mothers. I just hope all his children Kori, Kaleb, Sean and Jayden build a strong sibling relationship…

  • What the….

    It looks like Kevin is putting the weight back on again.

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy to see the children with both parents in their lives- but can we please stop acting like Kevin is an amazing father. When Britney was pregnant where was he??? Out clubbing, partying and drinking. He LEFT his pregnant GF to be with a rich and successful woman so he could get rich and famous- which he succeeded in doing. He is rarely seen with his children with Shar and please do not give that rubbish excuse that its because the photos aren’t worth as much, there are pictures of Kevin with his GF and pictures of his GF on her own doing nothing- So why none of his older children? It doesn’t pay as much for him to be around them? He went on tour for months- which he was PAID for and didn’t see his other children, Shar admitted that Kevin isn’t there for his children and they RARELY see him! Why do people fail to acknowledge this?? YES Britney has her faults as well but considering a lot of that is to do with mental health issues it’s not the same.

  • Anonymous

    Love Sean Preston… adorable!!!

  • Anonymous

    Every time I see a picture of them they have an item of clothing on from Target and I love that!!! Even when Sean was on the cover of People magazine after his birth – I had the exact same blanket for my son that came from Target. My son also has the little green shoes on the Jayden has on in the pics above. It just makes it seem like even though they are rich they are still reasonalbe. Adorable boys!! Also, maybe Kevin wasnt a responsible parent at first because maybe Shar was. Maybe after being forced into a situation where he had to man up he chose to. It doesn’t matter what he did before – or what any of us did before. What matters is what he does now and that he’s consistent. He does seem like a great father.

  • Anonymous

    Kevin a good father? lmao
    and oh my babies are so big and cute 🙂 just like mom

  • Anonymous

    Im sure you are Liz lol

  • Anonymous

    I love them. Especially Preston looks damn adorable!

  • Lampo

    Little Jayden looks like Shiloh JP. Cute boy.

  • Qt

    Kevin is not a great father. He only makes a halfway effort with his rich kids. Britney has a fortune & it enables Kevin to do the bare minimum while she pays the hired help to do the rest while the kids are with him, so he can wander off and smoke. Why do women set the bar so low for “great fathers”?

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