Sandra Bullock & Louis Bardo Cover Hello

So cute! Academy Award-winning actress Sandra Bullock has been the subject of many headlines lately, but there’s only one newsflash she cares about, according to Hello!

Louis rolled over – twice! It’s astounding to watch a human being grow right before your eyes.”

The 45-year-old new mom is raving about Louis Bardo Bullock – the 3 1/2-month-old little boy she quietly adopted in January – before her split with husband Jesse James.

Sandy B says that Louis the “perfect little man” and opens up about adopting her sweet son as a single parent.

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Photo credit: Hello!


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  1. mhm90

    I dont think he is cute at all.

  2. lola

    The first time I seen baby Louis I thought he was adorable. Now I don’t think he’s adorable.

  3. Anonymous

    She is a wonderful person!

  4. Kimberly

    She looks so beautiful here, very natural.

  5. Kancy

    I think they are both natural and beautiful. He’ll grow into a fine man I’m sure.

  6. Robyn

    Baby Louis looks a little pissed over being pimped out by Mom for the nineteenth time.

  7. Yael

    He is a sweet little boy. He probably just looks so grumpy because there are lots of strangers around, fiddling around with his and his mummy’s hair and clothes, taking pictures with flash lights, etc.

    My son was just like that, the cutest boy ever, and to keep strangers from pinching his cheeks, he’d usually put up a very grumpy face when they got too close.

    We shouldn’t forget that Louis is still a very young baby, it’s no wonder that he doesn’t enjoy photo shoots…

  8. Anna

    Why is she selling this story twice? It was already in people weeks ago.

  9. Anonymous

    Okay, I think it’s cruel and sick that people on here are saying that the baby is ugly and not cute. He is THREE MONTHS OLD!!! Good gosh! Enough! Let her enjoy this time with Louis and stop making those comments. Sandra is so amazing and her courage and strength is inspiring. God bless, Sandra.

  10. Kati

    I think that Louis is an adorable little boy. He ios grumpy because of all the photographers and other strange people. I would look like that if I were surrounded by strangers. He will be a handsome young man. He´s only 3 months old for cryiong out loud. Sandra seems to be born to be a mother. She sure loves Louis a lot and Louis loves her a lot. When I look at Louis in this pic he seems to look a lot like Zahara Jolie-Pitt when she is angry at the photogs. Louis will certainly hate those guys forever but he has every right to. He and mum Sandra need some alone time to get to know each other and the fact that the paps are following them is annoying. Hopefully Sandy will raise Louis oput of public eye as much as possible. Maybe they should move to Louis´ home town New Orleans. There they certainly would have some privacy.

  11. Anon1

    He is just too cute for words.

  12. Anonymous

    very cute! BUT, if he’s 3 1/2 mnth old she MUST NOT put him to a sit position, because his spine is not strong enough!!! A baby must not be put into a sit position until he’s able to turn and sit on his own!!!

    • Moore1

      It’s fine to hold a baby sitting up. Had she left him sitting on his own that would be different but she’s holding him. He’s not supporting his own body weight here.

    • Anonymous

      LOL my granddaughter is 3 1/2 months and is already trying to pull herself up. she hates laying back. She has had great head and neck control really since birth. The Mothers diet and medical care during pregnancy are giving babies a jump in developement today at least this is what Doctors told us when we questioned the amazing control and focus our granddaughter had at birth. This baby looks very healthy and seems to have excellant control of his neck and head. Looks like he is getting the back support he requires from Mommy. 2 more weeks he will be ready for a Jumper which are now designed (sitting postion) for 4 month Olds. Congrats to Sandra!!!

  13. Ang

    That child is adorable. He’s a very lucky little boy to have such a wonder person as his mommy

  14. raven

    I brought People Magazine and that photo and the quotes are from her interview in People magazine I think Hellow! just took part of her interview in People and put it in their mag as theirs to make you think that she gave them an interview.

  15. Anonymous

    FYI Jesse james said they took custody of him on Jan 1st so I guess he was born in Dec.

  16. Anonymous

    I feel so sorry for Sandra that everyone critiques her. I am glad I didn’t have a world of people looking over my shoulder while I raised my 6 children. Being a mom is a privilege and honor and a whole lot of work!! Last one of my children is in college and the others I am happy to say are thru college and in wonderful professions. May God Bless Sandra and Louis.

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