Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’ Dinner Date

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes took their adorable 4-year-old daughter Suri for dinner at Ristorante Il Cantinori in New York City on Monday night (May 24). Suri held onto her stuffed animals and sported a backpack and purse on the outing.

Earlier in the day, Katie and Suri were seen going for ice cream at Sundaes and Cones in the Big Apple. Suri fed mom some of her frozen treat while mom held onto her toys.

On Sunday, we spotted the mother-daughter duo hitting the shops for shoes.

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  • Anonymous

    Suri looks absolutely adorable in these pictures!

  • Anonymous

    Suri is a really adorable little girl. For once she´s not wearing high heals but flat shoes. Still one thing makes me wonder about this dinner date. Was it supposed to Tom and Katie´s romantic dinner date for the adults or was it a family dinner date? Obviously the latter one is the correct answer to this question. If it were a romantic dinner for just adults Suri´s presence wouldn´t have been necessary. But since it was a family affair I understand her being there with mum and dad. Suri will be one of those next generation heartbreakers in the making. I really wish that Tom and Katie would soon have another baby before Suri will be too spoiled. She has two older siblings – Isabella and Conor – but they´re much older than Suri. They sure love Suri – and their other half sister Sunday – a lot but Suri needs a sister or brother close to her own age too.

  • Angela

    She does look adorable!!!

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t we ever see this kid eating something even remotely nutritious? Always junk food! I bet that’s all she eats cause she is sooo spoiled and always gets her way

    • Anonymous

      How do you know what they ate dinner???
      Did you have dinner with them or something?
      And why do you care what she ate is she your child??

      • Aliana

        you don’t live with them. you have no idea what she eats!

        • Anonymous

          Look at her! she doesn’t look healthy at all. Bruised legs and so skinny. She must be anemic. Oh yeah, and a spoiled brat too!

  • Anonymous

    so ador! poor suri, ^people’re now picking on what you eat.

  • freya

    to begin with she looked like tom but she is getting more and more like Katie everyday. i agree that she seems to be slightly spoiled and i hope they have another child, hopefully a boy, soon.

  • Anonymous

    It’s ridiculous that people think having a sibling will keep a child from being “spoiled”. It’s a matter of personality, if she’s already that way having a sibiling won’t make a difference.

  • Anonymous

    TOO THE PERSON that said do you know what she had for dinner??>. and
    the other one about the sibling.. Why does she need a sibling a lot of kids
    like being an only child and this seems to suit Katie just fine she said not
    for a couple of years..She wants to work on her career.. It was just a comment about her diet.. one knows what they had for dinner
    nor do we care to see her coming out of a pastry shop with a pastry in
    her mouth or coming out of a restuarant.. ..that is all they seem to be doing
    or my favorite is getting out of the car..!!Thanks for taking over Cruise family now that the Afflecks are gone for the summer

  • Anonymous

    Love to see a picture of Sunday Rose and Suri together.. judging by the fact
    that Suri is not her sister at all.. They are not related at all either.. Sunday
    is not a adopted child of Tom or Nicole …the only sibling would be Conner
    and Isebella..

  • Anonymous

    SO obvious that this kid is spoiled rotten! It’s annoying

  • Allison

    I just love how all of you supposed “adults” are insulting a child you’ve never even met. You sound so mature.

    That was sarcasm, by the way. In case you were to busy with the “spoiled brat” comments to notice.

    Honestly, grow up.

    • Anonymous

      you’re amazing!

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