Celine Dion: “We’re Waiting For Good News Hopefully”

Songstress Celine Dion has been very open about her struggle with infertility, and how she has chosen to use In-Vitro Fertilization to become pregnant for the second time, after welcoming son René-Charles nine years ago via IVF.

In an interview on The Wendy Williams Show, via Contact Music, Dion, who has been married to René Angélil since 1994, has shared that “five” is her lucky number and that the couple are waiting on good news, they hope,

Well we’re crossing our fingers. We’re waiting for good news hopefully. I don’t want to talk about it so much because I’m superstitious, but I know people have been very wonderful for us and praying for us. Right now we are crossing our fingers, we hope for the best and I can’t wait to give people good news.”

She then acknowledged the lack of privacy that she has, being in the spotlight, “Once you live in showbusiness and everything spreads out so quick and every pregnancy you have to wait three months to make sure it’s all okay and it’s nerve racking. We’re not getting any younger and you always think it’s your last chance, you’re last try.”

Dion, who has remained strong throughout the battle then repeated what she has shared in the past, saying, “I’m going to try until it works. Five’s my lucky number, so this is the time it’s got to work.”

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  1. Anonymous

    What she needs to realize is there are a lot of people who struggle and cannot realize or even attempt to realize their dreams because of the cost. Some can only try once.

  2. Kaylin

    I agree with Anonymous #1 and I also think she should consider adoption, because 42 is kind of old when it comes to fertility. And Kelly Preston probably used a donor egg…

  3. Anonymous

    Why is this woman talking to the public about her personal life? Who cares? Go away Celine!

  4. Avonymous

    give up and adopt already

  5. Anonymous

    So much hypocrisy… yes, she is 42 BUT why aren’t people telling the same thing to gwen stefani? she is not far behind but here we are wishing her having a girl at 41 LOL people…

  6. Anonymous

    It’s wonderful she’s persistent…but geez just because u can afford to try, try, try again doesn’t mean u should…Rene’s health is barely strong enough for him to toss a ball w/Lil Rene..What’s he gonna do w/a newborn so by the time he becomes a teen or graduate..Rene may not be around…They should adopt and share the love & wealth. imo

    • Anonymous

      Rene’s health is quite good actually. And having a younger father doesn’t mean the baby will have the chance to toss the ball longer with his/her dad… Two of my friends lost their father at age 7 and 9 (fathers were 33 and 38). Just saying that nobody knows how long their father will be around for, young or old.

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you Celine for informing your fans who do care and are encouraged by your life not just your performances! Celine is wise to know if she were not releasing the info, someone else would be leaking for profit her personal business!!!!! So keep others from making money off your life Celine. And it is your life and your career earnings so, you get to do what you want.

  8. Anonymous

    Is anything left private anymore? Sorry that she is having troubles but why is she sharing them with the world? We all have problems!

  9. Anonymous

    She really is obnoxious! Always looking for media attention!

  10. Tina

    I’ll probably get crap for this, but both of them are to old! They look more like they should be grandparents rather then paretns to babies! If they really do get pregnant, I feel for the kid…How fun is it for the child that its parents are old, sick and will probably die while the child is still in its teens och early 20’s?
    This is the only thing I really hate..people over 35 having their firt child…there’s a reason it’s harder for them to get pregnant! And turst me…no doctor would recomend for women around 40 to get pregnant.

  11. Anonymous

    I hope it is sucessful this time. Good luck Celine!!

  12. Anonymous

    How arrogant and presumptuous of you to actually ‘hate’ people who have children above 35.

    Hundreds of millions of people around the world have children in their mid-late 30s and 40s without incidence and without fertility treatments.

    I hope you spend as much emotional energy on what actually matters to you as you do hating strangers whose choices have nothing to do with you.

  13. nanpan

    I hope it works out for them. It’s their money to spend as they want, and not everyone wants to adopt.

  14. CDionFan21

    First off all you people that say Celine needs to give upon having a baby shame on you! She has EVERY right to have a child of her own! Secondly SHUT UP about the adoption thing! She has said clearly that she and Rene are NOT considering adoption right NOW, she said if her doctor tells her she can’t do IVF anymore than they will consider other options but for now she’s healthy enough to do IVF and wants to have her own biological baby. What’s so wrong with that? She is a wonderful mother to Rene Charles and a wonderful wife and deserves this more than anything so stop hating!

  15. Anonymous

    While it’s understandable to want a child of your own, if it’s not happening naturally, then I say consider other routes. Spending thousands of dollars on IVF knowing it’s going to fail when you could be spending that money on adoption fees is truly a waste. If you want a child that badly, it shouldn’t matter if you gave birth to it or adopted it. It’s selfish to put your body through hell it doesn’t need when adoption usually guarantees a child for you.

  16. Anonymous

    Woman can have baby at any age , it does not matter as long they are strong. My mother had my little sister at age 39 and I am 19 years older and my brother is 25 years older. My little sister is very healthy and smart.

  17. Anonymous

    to all the haters,
    it is her life, and if she wants to ,she can, you losers act like she doesnt know many people go through this every year, SHE KNOWS, shes acknowledged that, but you know that you losers are too stupid to know that. Celine Dion is nothing but kind and humble and this is how you treat someone like that? you people are disgusting, she maybe 41, but if she wants to try, she can, you guys have no right to say those things about her for trying, atleast she has balls to do it

  18. Anonymous

    @ Anon 10:36…Yea ur friends fathers died @ 33 & 38 and they were 7 & 9!!Rene is way past 33or 38 when he had lil Rene..So your reasoning makes no sense…All this trying when a Higher power is trying to tell u that it would be unfair for them to do that to a child…Lil Rene is probably thinking the same thing….I know he doesn’t do thngs w/me, they keep my hair long & just cut it to go to school w/normal kids. I just think it’s unfair. ( & u know it!!)

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