Rebecca Romijn: We Won’t Divulge Birth Order

Former Ugly Betty star Rebecca Romijn and husband Jerry O’Connell welcomed twin daughters Charlie and Dolly 16-months-ago. The family-of-four are often spotted together enjoying family time, and appear to be a down-to-earth family. In an interview with lilsugar, the model-mom, opened up about how she and O’Connell are letting their daughters choose their own path without putting any labels on them.

On divulging birth order to their children: “This may sound strange, but we decided before they were born — I had a c-section so they both came out at the same time — that they wouldn’t know which one was born first. Technically, one did come out first, but we feel like a lot of twins get to brag —”I was born five minutes earlier. I was born first.” and the truth is they shared the womb. We’re also curious to see if the one who is older naturally takes on that first sibling role.”

On dressing the girls alike: “I like to coordinate them, but I don’t like to match them. It’s funny because I know they are seconds away from having very strong opinions on what they wear so I’m taking advantage of these last few months where I dress them how I want. I usually give them choices and say, “Do you want to wear this or that?” and they pick.”

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  • Anonymous

    I kind of understand Rebecca and Jerry´s decision to not to tell their twins which one of them is older and which one of them is younger. But still I don´t get it completely. When they´re older they can find out that by themselves by reading their birth certificates. They sure will become very curious about their birth order at some point and by that time Rebecca and Jerry can´t stop them from finding out. Wonder if other famous twin parents like JLo and Marc Anthony, Brad and Angie, Marcia Cross and her husband won´t tell their twins which one is older and which is younger. Maybe Max & and Emme and Knox and Vivienne already know which one is older. I don´t know if Max is the older of the Lopez/Anthony twins but I assume so. The whole world knows that Knox is one minute older than his little twin sister. However, I respect Rebecca and Jerry´s decision to a degree.

  • melo1983

    Good, I kind of hate when twins do that.

  • Yael

    Would be a bit silly to say that one of them is ‘older’ because they were conceived at the same time 😛

    In fact, it is silly to count our age from our birthday considering our life began roughly 9 months earlier 🙂

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