Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’ Broadway Beauty

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes took their 4-year-old daughter Suri to see a Broadway show in New York City yesterday (May 25). Tom was all smiles as he carried his adorable girl – who dressed up for the occasion in her heels – to the show.

The day before, we spotted the trio out for dinner at Ristorante Il Cantinori in the Big Apple.

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  1. morgan

    Every picture I see of suri from newborn to little girl. She always carried the Little Giraffe blanket everywhere she goes. I find it funny how suri wears high heel grown up dress. Lipstick but she still carries a baby blanket at 4 years old.

  2. Sarah G.

    LOVE Suri’s dress! It’s gorgeous. And the red really suits her. She’s such a cutie. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Suri needs some friends, like real friends not stuffed animals!

  4. Anonymous

    What is the matter with Tom and Katie? They act like Suri’s friend NOT her parents. There is something terribly wrong with this little girl. The high heeled shows looks ridiculous!

  5. What the....

    Oh God, her and those ridiculous heels. So she wears a sweater in 80+ degree weather and no coat in the winter. They all need their heads examined.

  6. Anonymous

    You people or stupid leave that FOUR year old alone just becasue you see pics you can tell her whole dang life get over it and you call yourselves adults wow! Hate to see your screwed up kids

  7. SarahEl

    I think she looks very cute! I love the dress! What is sooo wrong with the shoes. I think they look fine! I do feel very bad for her, because she looks very scared at all the people taking her photos!

  8. Leya

    It is funny to see that always Suri receive the most comment… people are soooo into this family full of hatred.. I don’ really like them either but to pick on a child like this just makes me sick. I guess it is no question she is probably spoiled, but it is not her fault. It is a shame that paps are everywhere taking pictures of her all the time. How can she even have a normal childhood like that? I am not fond of seeing her in heels, wearing only dresses in winter time, I don’t support that she is not put to bed in time as they are often shown going out in the evening, I hate that I never see he play in parks, playgrounds, out with other kids, getting picked up from pre-school etc., so she is -I guess- quite lonely. I think Katie is too. She never smiles, and never seen with others. So there is a lot to pick on, but balme the parents not the kid. She was born into this.

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