Wyclef Jean: Brad & Angelina, Please Adopt From Haiti!

Former Fugee Wyclef Jean is reaching out to his friends, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to adopt from his native country, which has been devastated by earthquakes this year. Jean told US Weekly,

Brad and Angie, please! Please adopt a child from Haiti!”

A Haitian adoption may not be that far off for the couple. Jolie spoke with CNN in February after visiting the country for 3 days and said, “I’m always open to children around the world. We’re that kind of a family; Brad and I talk about that.”

Jean seems to truly respect the couple and recently said of the parents-of-six, “They’re inseparable, and it’s just rare within the universe that you get that kind of love. They’re really, really inseparable.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    Nice idea but you really can’t tell people where they should adopt from. It’s a personal decision.

  • mhm90

    I think they have enough children.. :/

  • Anonymous

    When I looked into adopting from Haiti a few years ago, there was a limit on how many children the adoptive parents could already have and that limit was five, I believe. They might change the laws or give special treatment to Brangelina (ie, Meg Ryan, Madonna, etc). I don’t think they’ll adopt from Haiti right now anyway since there’s a concern of children being stolen plus it might seem like a publicity stunt to many people. If they want to adopt a “matching” child for Zahara, they should adopt from a country with more stable government and laws. Haiti has neither right now.

  • Anna

    Sounds like a lie. If they are friends why would he ask a tabloid to ask them to adopt from Haiti?! He would just give them a phone call or send an email.

  • Kati

    I think that this whole story is a lie invented by one of those rags that weekly publish rubbish about the JPs and other celebs. As good friends as Wyclef Jean and Brad & Angie are Wyclef can´t force them to adopt them from Haiti. At the moment Brad and Angie have their hands full with the six they already have. They sure want to wait until the twins are a little bit older. Maybe they will adopt from Haiti, maybe they´ll adopt from Africa (one option being Zahara´s native country Ethiopia) or maybe they won´t adopt. Maybe they want to have one more biological child before Angie gets too old and adopt after that. Haitians are dark skinned so a Haitian child would match Zahara´s skin color but since they have two Asian sons Brad and Angie sure would rather adopt from Africa so that Zee would have a sister or brother with whom she could share her African heritage.

  • Yael

    What’s all that c*ap about ‘matching’ skin colour and ‘African heritage’??

    First of all, Africa is a very diverse continent with many different cultures, languages, traditions, etc. Secondly, Zahara’s African heritage (apart from her genes) is in no way greater than her brothers’ or sisters’. She and her siblings are probably as ‘US-American’ as it can get (although probably a lot less ignorant).

    Adopting a ‘matching sibling’ for Zahara would be idiotic – and even sounds a little racist. Skin colour should not matter to anyone, least of all to a child growing up surrounded by the Brangelina-bunch. Maddox is obviously Shiloh’s idol and role model at the moment, and I am sure she hasn’t even realised yet that he doesn’t ‘match’ her race-wise…

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