Hugh Jackman & Kids Ride The Subway

Hugh Jackman and his two children – Oscar, 10, and Ava, 4 1/2 – were spotted taking the subway in New York City today (May 27). The trio walked hand in hand as they entered the largest subway system in North America.

Hugh and Ava, along with mama Deborra Lee-Furness, were spotted scooting together yesterday morning.

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  1. nicoleC

    i love this family
    always looks so warm and happy

  2. Anna

    Cute family! Hugh seems like a great father, very normal.

  3. bookjunkie

    It’s amazing that these 2 beautiful kids are adopted but they look alike :)..must be a nuture thing

  4. Cari

    Aw, Hugh, take Oscar shopping for some new clothes, his current ones are looking very ratty!

  5. Ella

    It´s great that they are so normal, even with his fame, they are taking subway and are travelling as any other. It´s good Hugh is rasing his kids this way.

  6. Sophia

    bookjunkie, I totally agree! Oscar’s colouring is clearly a little darker than Ava’s, but their face structure is very similar. Ava also resembles Hugh a bit in my opinion. It’s so interesting how this can happen in the case of adopted children! They are both absolutely beautiful kids. Hugh seems like a very hands-on, doting daddy 🙂

  7. Angela

    He is so freaking hot – daddy nor not!!!!!

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