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@kerrileewalsh Sundance @ one week. so precious. mommy & babies doing great daddy too! getting eager 2 hit the beach =) xoxo

@Busyphilipps25 So, Kate Moss said,”Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels”? She and I are CLEARLY not eating at the same places.

@tonyhawk A soon-to-be 2 year-old’s list of demands: M&M’s, “flashing shoes,” penguins, Dancing Queen by Abba, and an alligator

@danicamckellar Went to an event hosted by Heidi Klum tonight – what a knockout she is!

@MarioLopezExtra Got to visit #BettyWhite this a.m. She’s the best.Talked about when I was on Golden Girls back in the day…Great to see her blow up again!

@torianddean Kids broke out the rain boots today! Is it really almost June? Odd weather…

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  1. Anonymous

    They need to adjust the straps on that little baby’s seat. That’s not safe.

  2. Anonymous

    Stop judging! If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all! And get a life

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