Meg Ryan’s Santa Monica Sweetheart

Sleepless in Seattle star Meg Ryan was seen dropping off her 5-year-old daughter Daisy True at school in Santa Monica, Calif. on Thursday (May 27).

Meg, 48, is also mom to 18-year-old son Jack from her previous marriage to actor Dennis Quaid.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • alexa

    daisy is adorable

  • elle

    You know, while Daisy’s hair is long and braided, I don’t ever see anyone complaining about her tomboy look the way they do about Shiloh’s. I’ve yet to see Daisy dressing in a “girly” fashion. Why do people harp on Shiloh so much?

    I, for one, love BOTH of their looks.

  • catvomite

    she needs to stop dressing her so manly,it is not cute .

  • mackenzie

    I’ve yet to see Daisy dressing in a “girly” fashion
    Elle if you goggle daisy true you will see plenty of pictures of daisy dress girly.I hardly see Shiloh dress like she’s a girl. From all the pictures I see of Shiloh she is always in boy clothes.

    • raven

      Shiloh has worn lots of dress and so called “girly” clothes it’s only lately that her style has changed, Google Shiloh name and you will see for you self. Look thing up before you make start commenting about thing that you don’t know about.

  • Anonymous

    Daisy is not dressed manly, catvomite. She is dressed like a girl who knows what she wants and the outfit is very appropriate for preschool where kids need to be able to play freely, run around etc. without having to worry about frilly dresses. And like Mackenzie points out: there are plenty of pix fo Daisy in girly outfits on other occasions.

  • isaidisaid

    she dresses just like mom. is meg out of touch with how kids dress? this is not an appropriate out fit for daisy…gosh with a name like daisy, i picture a fun little girl with bright bold colors. really kids outfits shouldn;t be so dull and boring. the chinese actually dress their children up in lots of red/yellow/gold clothing (for these colors will bring luck to the child) At least one of the primary colors! Beautiful girl but depressing clothes.

  • Anonymous

    Does it look like May in LA? Nope. Why are they in winter stuff. I know LA and this is crazy winter wear for beautiful weather. Even with “June Gloom”.

  • Anonymous

    Love how one person is posting as 3 different people. If you don’t like kids and can only criticize them, stay away please!

  • Anonymous

    Actually the weather has been unseasonable cool the last couple of weeks here in LA. Warming up this weekend though!

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