Kingston & Zuma Rossdale: Toy Store Tots

The Stefani-Rossdale crew made a pit stop at a toy store today before heading to a kids’ birthday party in Beverly Hills, California (May 30). One-year-old Zuma and his equally adorable big brother Kingston, 4, both found toys to keep them occupied as their parents Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale looked on.

The 40-year-old No Doubt singer recently denied the very persistent rumors that she’s expecting again – what do you think?

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures

  • Anonymous

    Love the fact Zumas shirt says “Zoom zoom zoom”, so cute!

    • dee

      It says Zuma zoom zoom.

  • M

    I still think she’s pregnant

  • Peta

    I’ll wait a another month. If she is pregnant, she’ll have an undeniable belly by then.

  • nicoleC

    Gwen’s new hairdo looks like a men!?
    if she has a baby girl,that’ll be awesome

  • nonoonoo

    I think she is…preggers that is.

  • Anonymous

    Gwen has fantastic fashion sense. If she wasn’t pregnant, she would know to wear something form fitting to shoo the rumours away, and she hasn’t.
    I think she’s pregnant.
    Also, love Zuma and King.
    Zuma Zoom Zoom is adorable.

  • Anonymous

    i like hoe kingston’s shirt has king on it….and zuma’ s is funny to

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Why do they keep bleaching Kingston’s hair? It looks so tacky!

  • Kati

    Both Kingston and Zuma are just adorable little boys! I really wish that Gwen were pregnant but I´m not totally sure about that. She has been wearing these loose outfits a lot lately and that alone speaks its own language on behalf of the pregnancy. But time will tell. If she is I really wish that she and Gavin would have a little baby girl this time. Gavin has a daughter of his previous relationship and maybe he, too, would love to have a little girl the next time they have a baby. And King and Zuma sure would love to have a sister.

  • Anonymous

    Before I thought she was pregnant in the previous photos of her at the beach, but now I am not that sure that she is – her belly seems flatter in these photos…plus her rep denies that she is pregnant which is weird since if she really was, the rep could say “no comment” or say nothing at all.

  • Tiffany

    Gwen is looking a little manly in this picture

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