Report: Charlotte Church & Gavin Henson Split

Just six weeks after announcing their engagement, singer Charlotte Church and her fiancé Gavin Henson have reportedly split.

The couple of five years are parents to kids Ruby, 2, and Dexter, 15 months.

UK newspaper The Daily Mail reports that the break-up has been confirmed by the singer’s rep, though no further details were released.

The paper quotes a source close to the pair as saying, “It is an incredibly sad state of affairs. Both Gavin and Charlotte are deeply distraught. But after a lot of soul-searching, they realised this is the best course of action for them and the children. It was a mutual decision.”

When Gavin, 28, proposed to Charlotte just last month he said, “We’ve had good times and hard times, but it’s mostly been good times and I think we’re meant to be together now for the rest of our lives.”

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I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. I hope they can remain civil for their children,


why are all these people having kids and spliting up, and raising their kids as single parents, what about the other parent, the kids need that other parent in their lives too, quit been so selfish.


doesn’t surprise me..this couple looks absolutely MISERABLE


Judging by their sour faces in this photo, you can see they’re not exactly thrilled to be at this event with each other. The kids should be okay if their interests are put first and the parents remain civil to each other.


Duh.. who didnt see that coming?? It was obvious.. feel bad for the kiddos though