Gwen Stefani & Her Beach Boy

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale took their two boys – Kingston, 4, and Zuma, 1 1/2 – to the beach for some fun in the sun on Monday (May 31).

Wearing a wide-brimmed sun hat, Gwen is pictured carrying her youngest son on the sandy beaches of Malibu, Calif.

We spotted the Stefani-Rossdales out and about the day before in Beverly Hills.

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Photo credit: / GSI Media

  • Angi

    She has either gained weight from being in the studio OR she is working on baby #3. We will just have to wait and see.

  • Courtney

    It’s from being in the studio her reps have said she’s not pregnant as yet

  • Anonymous

    I bet they are waiting the first three months to say she’s prego. I find you show faster after having your first child… we’ll have to wait and see!

  • Bluebear

    Is Zuma wearing a med alert bracelet? Beautiful family 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I generally think that celeb pregnancy rumors are BS, and I didn’t believe all the recent rumors about Gwen…. Until these photos. It’s pretty clear that she’s gained weight — think of those bikini shots of her a few months back!

    I bet she is pregnant. But, if she wants to be private about it, then good for her. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that, and god knows the paparazzi are extraordinarily obnoxious once it gets out that a celeb is pregnant. Let her have her privacy, and I also think that everyone should lay off the “Hope it’s a girl!” mantra. If it’s a boy, maybe he will be even cuter than little Zuma (if that’s even possible!)

  • Shannon

    I think she is! After that pic of here in the loose shirt with her hand on her belly, and now these shots, yeah I think there’s definitely a new LO in there!

  • Courtney

    even though she’s had two smooth pregnancies in the past doesn’t mean she may not be scared of the possibilty of a miscarriage especially considering celebs don’t get to grieve for that in private now a days like they did 30 or 40 years ago

    look for example at Vanessa Redgrave who miscarried her 4th child aged 34 in 1971 granted she had the luxury of privacy to grieve in part due to the fact that she’d been nominated for the best actress oscar twice before that and was on her way to her 3rd nomination for the movie Mary Queen Of Scots so the studio and her management at the time brought of the press from revealing it and she also had 3 young children to take care of 8 year old Natasha 6 year old Joely and 17 month old Carlo so wasn’t about to talk about a loss that traumatic publically as stars are forced to now a days

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