Sylvester Stallone’s Gorgeous Girls

Rocky star Sylvester Stallone was spotted walking out of a local Rite Aid with two of his three gorgeous daughters – Sophia Rose, 13, and Sistine Rose, 11 – in Los Angeles on Saturday (May 29). After their stop at the drug store, the trio headed to Niemen Marcus for some holiday weekend shopping.

Sly and his wife wife Jennifer Flavin are also parents to 7-year-old daughter Scarlet Rose. The legendary action-hero has two sons – Sage, 34, and Seargeoh, 30 – with ex-wife Sasha Czack.

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Photo credit: Fame

  • Cassidy


  • Anonymous

    beautiful girls!

  • mhm90

    Which of the girls had heart surgery?

    • Anonymous

      There’s thing called Google – perhaps you’ve heard of it? That’s something you you really should be able to look up yourself.

      • mhm90

        You dont have to be so damn rude? Go spread your negativity else where.

  • Anastasia

    She was asking a simple question. Why are you so uptight about it?Sophia was the one who had heart surgery.

    • Anonymous

      It’s pretty standard internet etiquette that you shouldn’t waste other people’s time asking simple questions that can easily be answered by Googling it yourself.

      Also standard internet etiquette? Learning to use the “reply” button. If you’re responding directly to another comment, you really should reply directly to it so that the comment appears nested, rather than using the main comment box.

      • LauraJen

        Guess what, Anon? People like you have no place in society. Get off your high horse!

        • Anonymous

          This is all quite hilarious. Given the source, I consider that a compliment.

      • melo1983

        Internet etiquette? Really?…why are you anonymous, your name should be changed to GENIUS! :]

    • mhm90

      Thank you! 🙂

  • Tiffany

    His daughter’s are beautiful!

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