Tana Ramsay Opens Up About Family Life

Being married to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay keeps wife Tana Ramsay very busy. The mom-of-four has recently added cookbook author and reality show star to her resume, and has been crowned “Celebrity Mum of The Year” by the UK’s Tesco Magazine. In an interview with the magazine, Tana, a former school teacher, opened up about philanthropy, having four children, and being married to tough-guy Gordon Ramsay.

On why she started cooking after having children: “It was important to me to make everything from scratch, and I was lucky enough to be at home as a full-time mum. Gordon sometimes does give me tips for my cookery books and I always run my recipes by him, but I test them out on the kids’ school friends. They’re my
harshest critics but also my best. Kids speak the truth.”

On keeping her four children on a strict routine: “Megan’s 12, twins Jack and Holly are 10 and Matilda’s eight. Really it’s the only way to get through it. And putting in the hard work in those early years pays off later. Now I can take them anywhere and know that I can trust them to behave. My teacher training helps and one thing I learned early on is the importance of kids being independent. All our children can load the dishwasher and make their own beds.”

On Gordon cursing at home as he does on his television shows: “Why would he? What you see on TV is Gordon when he’s at work in a stressful situation. Home is his relaxation and safe place.”

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