Violet Affleck Catches A Ride

A smiling Violet Affleck had her personalized lunch box in tow as she caught a lift with her mom Jennifer Garner today in Brentwood, California (May 31). The duo enjoyed a sweet moment together in the sunshine before heading off to do some shopping in Pacific Palisades. Such a gorgeous pair!

We spotted the multi-tasking mom-of-two just yesterday, picking up a few items at the local farmers market with Violet and her little sister Seraphina, 1.

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures

  • Anonymous

    such a beautiful pair! I’m glad they got a break from the paps while they were in Louisiana, but it sucks they have to deal with them now daily again.

  • SarahEl

    Ohh, she is such a sweetheart!! Jennifer rocks for having arms of steal, I can’t pick up my daughter like that!!

  • Tiffany

    Violet is so darn cute! And I love her darn adorable!

  • CDionFan21

    great way to carry her, hope she doesn’t end up dropping her.

    • Anonymous

      Considering these pictures were taken yesterday (you know, in the past, not a live news feed), I’m pretty sure she “will” not drop her.

  • Anonymous

    Cutie patootie Violet is so happy and really loves hanging out with her mom. I don’t think she will drop her. Did you ever see her doing one-hand pullups (with her own body weight) in the movie Elektra? She has a lot of strength in her upper body. Besides, Vi is holding on to Jen’s arm as well.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful and more and more like her father.

  • Anonymous

    beautiful child. Love this family!


    THANK YOU comment page they are a cute pair… Vi is quite the craft girl she
    designed the outside of the lunch has her name on cute is that
    The same craft store that Jen really likes. Jen Ben and Sera were at the same
    restuarant Toscano’s that Meg and Laura Dern were at ..Vi is so happy to have her mom back… Boy what a weekend … FARMERS MARKET, dinner out
    and now a walk with her mom..

  • maythi

    OH MY GOODNESS! We made the little lunchbox for Violet! We sent her one of our Spooneez ( inside (Seraphina has a matching lunchbox with her name on it too). This is so exciting! We are so glad she liked it and is toting it around! 🙂

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