Celebrity Working Moms Sound Off On Juggling Careers & Motherhood

Technically, all moms are working mothers. Motherhood is the very definition of hard work! Add celebrity status to the title “mommy,” and things can get very tricky!

From Sarah Jessica Parker missing out on two months with her daughters to film Sex and the City 2, to Vera Farmiga returning to the big screen just two weeks after her son was born, click below to read what 10+ celebrity moms have to say on juggling careers with motherhood.

Sarah Jessica Parker may be best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw, but she is simply known as “mom” to her children James Wilkie, 7, and twin daughters Tabitha and Loretta, almost 1. Her new film, Sex and the City 2 just premiered over this past weekend, and in spite of her recent globe-trotting press tour she told Parade Magazine,

I love just being with my family — going to the grocery store, cooking dinner, putting my twins to bed, changing their diapers, getting my older son ready for school and packing his lunch. Staying home with my family and my husband is the thing I love most in the world. Is it sexy? I don’t know about that, but it sure is fun and it’s definitely unpredictable.

It sounds like Parker is back on the home front for now, but filming the eagerly anticipated sequel came at a high price for her. With regard to her busy shooting schedule abroad the actress shared,

I haven’t seen my daughters for almost two months, with the exception of Skype, and I have to tell you, I never felt like this.

It’s amazing that quadruple threat singer-dancer-actress-fashion designer Jennifer Lopez has any time to be a mom, but we often see her out and about enjoying her twins Max and Emme, 2, with husband Marc Anthony. Seen here in Monaco, the entire family is traveling with Lopez to promote her newest film, The Back Up Plan. On being a working mom Lopez shares,

In the beginning, before you start working again, you just feel guilty if you go out for an hour and have lunch. You go out and you’re like, ‘I gotta get back to the babies.’ There’s a tremendous amount of guilt that they need you and they want you to be there. They miss you and they wonder where you are, and as they get older, it only increases.

Jennifer also manages to mix sky high heels with mommy duty, as seen here.

Vera Farmiga, actress and mother of son Fynn, said that the Oscar nomination she received for her role opposite George Clooney in Up in the Air was “bittersweet” because filming took precious time away from being with her newborn son. With regard to returning to work just two weeks after her son was born she said,

I could never reclaim these first precious moments of maternity. [But] I needed to pay my mortgage. It wasn’t an option. I had to do the role.” At least with that motherly sacrifice, some good came out of it!

Demi Moore raised the bar for Hollywood actresses by earning unprecedented amounts of money for her film roles. The mother of daughters Rumer, 21 Scout, 18 and Tallulah, 15, Moore has been pushing the envelope and breaking down boundaries for women by triumphantly going against the status quo in her personal and professional life.

With regard to baring all in her infamous pregnant cover of Vanity Fair in 1991, Moore told Elle Magazine,

I was brave. I was so brave! I had no sense of the impact that it would have. I just wanted to push the boundaries. When I said “I want it all,” that wasn’t coming from a place of greed. It was coming from a desire for balance. I wanted to remove the limitations that I felt were being imposed on me. Why couldn’t I be a mother and have a career?

Jessica Alba is rarely seen without her sweet daughter Honor, who turns 2 on June 7th, in her arms.

The actress admits it’s not easy trying to do it all by being a mother and sustain a career saying,

It’s a tough balance trying to be the best mom, and obviously my family is my priority, and then also I love what I do and I love that I get to have a job that I enjoy so much and that gives me the freedom to spend a lot of time with my daughter, frankly, and travel. And everything else. It’s hard not to spend every second with [Honor]. And balancing that with trying to be a great wife.

Alba also adds,

Having my daughter has certainly shifted my priorities. It’s all about giving her the best life possible, and that means finding that right balance between being home and working when I can, rather than being so career driven.

Mom of Lola, 5 and Luci, 1 in June, Carnie Wilson dishes on being the breadwinner for her family saying,

Motherhood… [has] made me somewhat paranoid and fearful and insecure and guilty as well. Those are the parts that are challenging for me. Because I’m a working mom, I try to include them in my work. Luckily with Unstapled, we were taping at home and the kids were a part of it. It’s changed me because I’ve felt guilty that I have to work, but I have to work. It’s not a choice. I’m bringing in the money and that’s what I have to do. This business that I’m in – it’s so volatile – you never know what’s going to happen and I embrace everything.

The beautiful Naomi Watts has two gorgeous sons, Sasha 2 1/2, and Kai, 1, with Liev Schriber. She very openly and honestly shares her raw emotions about trying to mix work with motherhood telling BlackBook Magazine,

Every single day, I second-guess myself as a mother. I chose to be a mom. It’s something I’ve always wanted, but I feel torn between two worlds. I am not reaching the same depths and heights that I used to reach in movies because I’m a parent of two small children who desperately need me. It’s frustrating because I feel like I’m failing a bit on both ends… [but] I would love to have an endless brood of children. I grew up in chaos. I feel comfortable in chaos. Whether or not I’ll ever adopt remains to be seen, but I totally believe in adoption.

The actress also shares,

I see myself as any other working woman. Every day I’m struggling to get it right, do the best I can, make the right choices for work, be a good mother and have time for my relationship with Liev. I’m never sure whether I’m doing any of it right, but I’ve finally got to the age where at least I know that I’m just doing my best.

The gorgeous singer/actress and mother of four shares that with maturity, moms may make better judgment calls when it comes to balancing home life and career life. In an interview with Working Mother Williams says,

I became a mom when I was young, so I’ve always had my career along with my children. Just eight weeks after I’d had my second child, I had to go to England to promote my album for ten days. So I dragged my breast pump through airport security. I was so weepy to be leaving my newborn. Maybe ten years later, I’d have said no to the trip. As you get older, you get stronger and more confident, and you get more accustomed to saying no and to knowing your boundaries. Things change as you mature. But you still try to do everything you can to be with your kids. I remember flying from Tokyo to New York for a confirmation party for my daughter, and then back to Tokyo to perform. But you can only do so much, and you have to forgive yourself.

Highly criticized by the public and by her ex for trying to have a career and be a mom, Kate Gosselin juggles her time in the spotlight with being a single mother of eight children: 9 1/2-year-old twins Cara and Mady and 6-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Aaden, Collin and Joel.

Here Kate films scenes for her new reality TV show, Twist of Kate, alongside her big brood.

She calls herself a referee for her kids, and says that nothing will come between her and her family.

I’m not afraid I’ll lose my kids. I won’t lose my kids. We’re glued together, as a package, and nothing, nothing, will stop me from being with my kids.

One of the Academy Award winning singer and actress’ latest roles is motherhood. As mom to 9-month-old son David Daniel Otunga Jr., Jennifer Hudson is trying to manage a blossoming career and being a mommy. She shares,

Whew! Trying to find the balance. Like, everything is so demanding. Work is demanding, of course; being a new mom is demanding,” Jennifer says. “And it’s so hard to part from the baby, because he’s so new and I want to spend every minute, every chance I can get with him. But it’s good. Its just a matter of finding balance for me, and balancing it out, so I’m working on it, and I’m learning.

Arguably one of the busiest moms on the planet, Michelle Obama opens up about what it’s like to balance her obligations as First Lady with her responsibilities as a mom to Malia, 11 and Sasha, 8. She offers,

It’s just that the constant worry still exists when you’re a mom that the decisions you make in your life are negatively impacting your kids. I want to make sure that the girls are doing well, and that they feel like they have the love and attention they deserve from their parents, regardless of what positions we hold.

Holly Robinson Peete looks to 80’s icon TV character Clarie Huxtable from The Cosby Show when she needs inspiration while being a multi-tasking mom of four children. She says,

I loved her strength as a mom, she was a working mom, and I think she really personifies who I strive to be. I don’t always have it together, but in my fantasyland, I’m Claire Huxtable because she had everything. She had a thriving family, put her hand on her hip and everything was all right.

Gossip Girl star and single mom Kelly Rutherford has two children, Hermes, 3 and Helena, 11 months. Regarding the pressures of being and mom and a Hollywood actress Rutherford tells Working Mother,

We work up until the last minute, whether we’re throwing up or not! Then we’re expected to give birth in two seconds or we get a C-section, because doctors are in a rush. We barely sleep the first months of our child’s life, but we’re expected to get back into our skinny jeans right away.

Hands-on mom to Violet, 4 and Seraphina, 16 months, Jennifer Garner is no stranger to a busy life as a working mother and successful actress. But although she played a heroine on Alias, the star says the heroism doesn’t translate to her daily life.

I understand that my being an actress as well as being at home isn’t some heroic thing. That doesn’t mean it isn’t confusing or difficult – especially that question of how you find a balance.

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