Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra

Multitasking is one of the skills which new mamas learn to master pretty quickly. As soon as you’ve got a baby at home it’s not uncommon to start wishing for an extra pair of limbs – or two! Thankfully, the company behind the Simple Wishes pumping bra understands this desire and has done a great job helping moms get their arms back! Just ask celeb mommies Nicole Sullivan and Camila Alves, both of whom are happy customers.

For the busy breastfeeding mom, or the mom who is getting ready to return to work, the need to pump milk usually arises and can be an incredibly time consuming activity – especially if you have to sit and hold the bottles in your hands while you do it! The Simple Wishes bra is comfortable, easy to use and lets you pump while doing a multitude of other activities – playing with your child, typing away at your computer, or even driving! The hands-free operation of the bra gives you the freedom to take back some time and still get in all of the pumping sessions that you require!

Upon opening the Simple Wishes bra (which comes in an incredibly cute package), I was amazed at how simple and attractive the bra was – not at all bulky, and very easy to put on. The material is soft and comfortable and comes with removable straps to fit your own personal support needs.

The bra is meant to fit any woman’s body and is completely adjustable so that as your postpartum body changes, you will never need to purchase a different size. There is also a zipper panel in the front, and a panel in the back to allow for a perfect fit. While pumping the bottles stay completely secure and, amazingly enough, will hold a full bottle of milk without any worry of it falling into your lap.

We would absolutely recommend the Simple Wishes bra to any breastfeeding mother – happy pumping!

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  • Anonymous

    i would love to own one this product .it very hard to pump my breast one at a time especially when your trying to do other things and watching a two year old boy and one year old boy and try to breastfeed or use a breastpump while trying to breastfeed twin girls it a juggling act or give them a bottle its not easy.i would love to have this product my life husband and my girlfriends tell they dont know how i do it .i tell it one moment at a time.

  • mamaK

    i had a similar product when i was breastfeeding. it was a necessity because i went back to work a week after giving birth (baby was in nicu) i was able to pump every two hours while still getting work done. this product is life changing when you are pumping. i recommend/loan it to my close mama friends.

  • Vanessa

    I love these bras, I am definitely going to have to try these out, once I have my baby!

  • Anonymous

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