Lamar Odom: I Don’t Think Khloé’s Pregnant

NBA star/husband of reality starlet Khloé Kardashian, Lamar Odom, attempted to clear up rumors of a possible pregnancy in an interview with ESPN Sports, but in the process seemed to confuse things even further.

The smiling 30-year-old said of reports,

I can’t confirm that. I don’t think so. She hasn’t told me if she was pregnant. I probably would be the first to know.”

Odom also touched on being married to someone constantly in the spotlight, adding, “It’s a part of my world now. My wife comes from a family that’s successful and people know it and they have their own TV show so you have to expect it. That’s just the way it is. I roll with the flow.”

If Kardashian is in fact pregnant, this would be the first child for the couple together, while Odom has two children, Destiny, 12, and Lamar Jr., 8, from a previous relationship.

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  • Cassidy

    THANK GOD Lamar! You saved the planet from Khloe’s trashy brat spawn.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have any hateful words for the family, but I do have state that as close as she is with her family and how news travel fast, he might not be the first to know.

  • deeb2001

    I actually thinks she’s pregnant, but they don’t wanna say anything til she’s out of her first trimester. If so, congratulations. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t think she’s pregnant? Nice communication. And I love his comment – “My wife comes from a family that’s successful”. Successful doing what? Let’s see, Kim is successful making sex videos with some stupid clown, Kourtney gets knocked up by some abusive low life, Khloe marries a basketball player after a few weeks of knowing him and Kris is some washed up, has been ex flight attendant. What is so successful about this? The only successful one at some point in their lives was Bruce Jenner and that was many, many years ago. This whole family is nothing but low life trailer park trash.

    • Melissa

      The fact that Bruce Jenner gets mixed up in all that is not fair to him. He was/is an incredible athlete. Poor guy :/

  • Valerie

    Dumb and dumber… Plain ol BS.

  • Anonymous

    I think alot of people don’t realize The Kardashians were born into money. They didn’t become associated with people like Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton recently. That has been their crowd since they were born.the scandals may have gave them fame but they already had teh money and the associations.

  • Anonymous

    Successful – what a joke! The Kardashian’s are NOT my definition of successful! They are trailer trash!

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