Laura Ling Welcomes Daughter Li Jefferson Clayton

Journalist Laura Ling has experienced in a year, what most could never imagine, from the terrifying experience of being held captive in a North Korean prison, to returning home to the US to her waiting friends and family and quickly learning that she was expecting her first child.

Now, 10-months after returning home from North Korea, Ling and husband Iain Clayton have welcomed their first child, daughter Li Jefferson Clayton. Li was born yesterday (June 2) in Burbank, Calif. weighing in at 8 lbs., 2 oz., reports PEOPLE.

Ling’s sister, journalist/Oprah Winfrey Show correspondent Lisa Ling, said of the new baby,

Her parents are too speechless. Li is super adorable!”

Ling revealed the origins of her daughters name, honoring sister Lisa in the form of Li, and borrowing Jefferson from former US President Bill Clinton’s middle name. Of her friendship with Clinton, who aided in her release from North Korea, Ling said, “He has checked in on me several times to see how I’m doing, and has been so concerned and caring. He’s such a wonderful human being.”

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  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure the word you want is “instrumental.” “Detrimental” means he prevented it from happening.


    Why not have Laura and her husband come out and announce their daughters birth announcement.. Why do we need Laura at all if Lisa
    is going to be doing all the talking Laura is famous for being Lisa ‘s sister..
    Wippe if she was trapped over there did she ever talk about no just her
    sister Lisa.. takes over …. so why make it famous news announce that it
    is Lisa’s sister …only…

  • Anna

    Probably because no one had heard of Laura before she decided to take a look in North Korea.

  • Anonymous

    Great, she had her baby…Congratulations to the Clayton family. Now can we move on?! I really do not like this woman at all and hope she disapears from media attention. What she did in North Korea was wrong – she broke the law knowingly (she wanted to get a glimpse of the place where North Koreans hid after fleeing that country). If I was Al Gore, I would have fired her for her bad judgement.

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