Elisabeth Hasselbeck Takes It One Day At A Time

With three young children and a busy career, The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a multi-tasking mom. Elisabeth, who has kids Grace, 5, Taylor, 3 and Isaiah, 9 months, with her husband Tim, recently chatted with Stroller Traffic about how she manages it all.

On juggling career and kids: “Juggle is the operative word. My challenge is figuring out the next day. Every night I sit at my computer and talk it out with Tim. This is how the conversation goes: Who is taking Grace to school? Who will pick her up? What class does Taylor have? Who has a doctor’s appointment? What time is the meeting? Did you sign the permission slip for school? What about packing lunch, and writing a note for the lunch? Oh, no! We need milk. Can you pick up diapers?”

On the benefits of raising kids in New York: “The energy is fantastic. Diversity is part of their every day. We see fire trucks in bulk . . . the visual stimulation, the museums, the pizza and the people! My tip: Carry a potty on the go!”

On the challenges of raising kids in New York: “Trying to walk as a family of five on the sidewalks—with a double stroller and kids on scooters! Fitting the double stroller into a Starbucks is trying. Can they please have a mommy window?!”

Read the rest of Elisabeth’s interview at Stroller Traffic.

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I live in New York and it is hard for me-1 person-to walk on the streets as there are so many people. I used to live in California and it was much easier to walk on the streets since everybody has cars.


Why are you bringing your kids to Starbucks?! And “can they please have a mommy window”…UGH. Entitled Mommy Syndrome has got to stop. Just because you popped out a kid doesn’t mean the world has to stop what it’s doing and adjust to your needs. It’s a baby, not a free-pass to ass-hattery.