Jennifer Garner & Smiling Seraphina

Another smiley Affleck girl! Alias star Jennifer Garner ran some errands with her adorable 16-month-old daughter Seraphina in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (June 4). While smiling in Jen’s arms, Seraphina also took her turn at walking alongside her proud mama.

Recent rumors that Jennifer and her husband Ben Affleck are expecting their third child are said to be false. A source close to the actress says, “She is absolutely not pregnant.”

Jen and Ben are also parents to 4-year-old daughter, Violet.

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Photo credit: Flynet / Bauer Griffin


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  1. Anonymous

    Seraphina got so big. She’s adorable.

  2. Anonymous

    Gosh, that Seraphina looks just like her mom and her big sis Violet. Sooo Cute!

    OK…..regarding the pregnancy rumor…I think it’s early & a little too soon to annouce it but I think she is hiding a baby bump. Her face always breaks out when she is carrying and she is pulling out different pants to wear laterly.

    I hope she is pregnant but time will tell. After all it’s not something you can hide (unless you are Gisele B. or Nicole Kidman). She seems to always carry her baby weight mainly in her belly.

    • Anonymous

      The rumors have been around for so long that she’d be huge now if she actually was pregnant. She’s been photographed very recently wearing tight-fitting clothes. Anyone who’s ever seen Alias or seen pictures of her over the years knows that she often has a little bit of a stomach, and she often wears loose clothing, even when she’s not pregnant. It’s normal for her and doesn’t mean anything. Give it up already, she’s NOT pregnant. Why do people always insist on this stupid speculation?

  3. Anonymous

    Gorgeous, gorgeous Seraphina! Absolutely precious!

  4. Jennifer

    Gosh, this girl is so gorgeous . And look she’s getting blonde, just like Vi !
    Anonymous 2, i agree with u …

  5. Anonymous

    so freaking cute! I absoultely love the Affleck family, and Seraphina looks so much more like Violet and Jen in these pics. Precious!

  6. Anonymous

    so freaking cute! I absoultely love the Affleck family, and Seraphina looks so much more like Violet and Jen in these pics. Precious!

  7. nicoleC

    she’s growing up to a little beautiful gal!

  8. Anonymous

    Sera is the happiest baby I have ever seen thanks so much for the photos
    Celebrity Baby Scoop.. She is the most adorable baby..

  9. AnnieK

    Both little girls are just total perfection! Beautiful babies that look like their parents. I took one look at this girl and said, “Now that is an Affleck!”

  10. Sophia

    Violet and Seraphina are like the only kids guaranteed to make me smile when I see a photo of them. Must be my mirror neurons, because those girls are always, always happy. It’s amazing. They’re so beautiful, and Seraphina has gotten so big! She really looks like a little girl now rather than a baby. Time flies.

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