‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Couple Answer Your Questions!

You asked and they answered!

Millionaire Matchmaker couple – and new parents to baby boy Sin Halo – Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff are offering their relationship advice to readers of Celebrity Baby Scoop.

Check out the following three questions for the relationship experts.

Moriah asks: We’re about to have our first child any day now. We lead ‘alternative’ lifestyles and both have a lot of tattoos. How do you plan to address the issue with your son when he gets to the age that he wants tattoos/piercings?

Rachel: There is nothing wrong with being unique especially in this day and age. When Sin gets older and starts to ask about “those pictures on mommy’s body” we will tell him the truth and let him decide on his own if he wants to be like us or not. I will never force my son to look a certain way. All we want is for him to be loved, happy, and healthy. Style does not make the person, it’s what’s inside that does.

Destin: Here’s the thing, teach your child to love and accept all races, religions, ages and lifestyles. Teach him wrong from right, and good from bad. Let him know that the world is a beautiful place and life is an amazing gift – live it to the fullest and do what makes him feel good about himself – as long as it doesn’t hurt himself or others. You teach him those values, once he turns 18 he’ll be able to make those important life decisions for himself.

Anonymous asks: I have been “dating” the same guy for 5 years now. We own a home together and have a 3 year old son. Everything in our relationship is great but that he wont get married. Every time I bring it up he changes the subject or avoids it. If I really press the subject he just says that he cant afford it. I have said that we could go to to the court house or to Vegas but he says that it would disappoint his family. I love him but I feel like marriage is something I need.

Rachel: It sounds like he’s afraid and does not want to commit. Together 5 years, a son with him, and no marriage?? You need to get down to brass tax with him and find out really what the issue is. This needs to happen sooner than later for the sake of your son. If he has no intention of marriage then what is his intention? Sit, discuss, and be honest with him.

Destin: The bottom line is, you did everything out of order and now you’re suffering for it. It’s hard to adjust something that’s this far from the ‘traditional’ way of doing things. The bottom line is, you need to give him a SOFT ‘me-a-matum” – that is, “ Honey, I love you so much. I love our life together, our house and son. But I feel incomplete. Marriage has always been important to me you know that, and its something I need… not just for myself, but for our son. The bottom line is, we need to make this happen… or my sense security in us could really be affected….” Go down the road, show him how important this is to you, keep him focused – and you may get what you need.

Anonymous asks: I really enjoy seeing you both on Millionaire Matchmaker. You both look very much in love. It’s hard enough juggling separate careers and raising a child. How do you manage to work together and raise a child? Any wedding plans in the near future?

Rachel: We are very much in love and in love with our son. It is hard being new parents and working. It is absolutely not easy to juggle both and we are still trying to figure it all out. We knew this when we decided to start a family and you have to do what you have to do. We make it work. What does not break you makes you stronger. As for wedding plans…yes without a doubt!

Destin: I am so deeply in love with Rachel, it hurts sometimes… and my son, don’t even get me started. Its because of this we’re able to plow through the difficult times, the working together… everything. Its not for everyone, but we make it work.

And yes, wedding plans soon… very soon!

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