Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Say “I Do” – Again!

Following in the footsteps of Heidi Klum and Seal, Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary last night by renewing their vows in front of friends and family.

The posh affair was held at the couple’s new Hidden Hills, California home, with calla lilies and orchids in tall vases and flickering candles setting the romantic scene. The couple’s A-list guest list – which included Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – sipped martinis in black glasses in the outdoor lounge areas.

Marc recently joked to US of their anniversary, “We realized the bets in Vegas [on whether we’d make it] stopped at five years, so we’re ­really looking forward to this one. This is a big anniversary.”

Marc and J.Lo have 2-year-old twins Emme and Max together.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Mortie

    Who gives a flying ****.

    • Anonymous

      My sentiments exactly…another way to throw money around!!

  • Andreea

    hm.. i’ve always wondered why j lo looked at marc anthony.. i’m very surprised they lasted so long together.

  • Anonymous

    what an UGLY dress congrats.

  • Anonymous

    who gives a crap! they should have given the money to charity!

  • Anonymous

    these two are obnoxious! Marc Anthony kisses JLo’s big butt!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t stand these two egotistical idiots. They could have used that money for wonderful things like the Gulf oil spill tragedy. Those families are suffering from their loss of livelihood.

    Funny thing is, he renewed his vows with his last wife, Denara, and not long after that they got a divorce. Maybe history will repeat itself.

    • Mira

      Marc Anthony this year resave award for filantropic work so obvious he give a lot of money for charity. The name of his first wife is Dayanara. They were separated for some time without being divorced and when decided to get together again then renew their marriage vows. I think that in this have a lot sense although ultimately were not for one another and finally divided final. But both are struggling to maintain their family. Get the facts no only hate.

  • Cabos

    The news sounds so fake. Brad Pitt and Angelina were there?? And they’re “friends”? I just don’t find any of these people having real friends. Other than for PR purposes.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares?! The only reason that this marriage works is because Marc Anythony kisses Lopez’s fat arse! He is her puppet! He dumped his 1st wife for her. These two media whores are pathetic! They should have donated this money to the Guf Oil spill! Two losers!

  • Anonymous

    Marc, 6th years is NOT a “big” anniversary. Get your head out of JLo’s buttock! What exactly does he do for work now since his singing career has been “washed up” for years!

    • CDionFan21

      well according to Heidi Klum every year is a “big” anniversary, she and her husband renew their vows EVERY year. *roll eyes*

  • Anonymous

    They are so self absorbed! I doubt that Branjelina and TomKat are really their friends! These people have NO real friends!

  • Debbiemae

    They are not friends with Bradjelina and TomKat, People magazine said they “invited” them, but I doubt if they attended. This whole lavish renewing of vows is just an excuse for JLO to get publicity. Her latest movie was not a success, just like her music so she has to go back to flaunting her wealth to make herself seem relevant.

  • Anonymous

    in order for jlo to have the wedding privately, she called off a make a wish foundation visit in the last minute. this was a tv the other day when they had a show naming the worst celebrities.

  • Anonymous

    This story is BS spoke to a guest it was a housewarming party no renewal of vows. Mary J bLIGE, Kim K was there .no Tom, Brad or Angie

  • Andreea

    come on ppl, at least they have 2 adorable kids together..

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