Kendra Wilkinson: Sex Tape Is “Extremely Embarrassing”

Kendra Wilkinson is owning up to — and breaking down over — her sex tape.

The new mom talks to E! in her first interview since the tape surfaced.

It’s extremely embarrassing,” she admits of the footage featuring herself at 18-years-old with an ex-boyfriend. “I am a very open person, I am very honest about my life, but a sex tape was definitely not what I wanted in my life.”

The reality TV starlet says that having to tell her hubby, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett, with whom she has a 5 1/2-month-old son, Hank IV, news that Vivid Entertainment planned to release the sex tape was heartbreaking.

“It just had to come out now when I finally cleaned up my life,” she says while fighting back the tears. “It wasn’t for anybody else’s eyes to see except for ours.”

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  • Anonymous

    She’s lying! She shopped that sex tape around about two years ago.. Yeah, AND she is famous for servicing a 80 something year old man(SHARING HIM)! What will your son think of that when he is old enough to understand?

    • Anonymous

      who ever you are, you need to shut the f**k up because it sounds like you’re hating on kendra right now.Omg she was a teenager and she made a mistake but it’s in the past now so stop judging kendra from what she did in the past and worry about the future.It’s not none of your business anyway so you need to mind your business and keep out of other people’s business.

  • Anonymous

    No matter what choices Kendra has made in the past – it does not mean she wants people to actually watch her having sex. That is a very private thing and its not the same as having an 80 year old boyfriend who has other girlfriends.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t she want to leak the tape herself?

  • Cabos

    Oh come on, if it wasn’t for that sex tape, what other headline would she get?

  • Anonymous

    Puh-lease! This is laughable! I’m a fan of her mindless show, but seriously, let’s not pretend she’s anything other than what she is…

  • Anonymous

    She’s obviously a different person post baby, then she was before and I’m guessing that’s why she’s so upset about. She’s trying to rebuild her image personally and publicly which I give her props for and she’s not making excuses about the sex tape, she admitted she made mistakes before she met Hank and had her baby, give her a break. It is possible for someone to want to change you know…

  • Anonymous

    Kendra is a liar. She was PAID $680,000 plus 50% of the sales. Kendra’s fake excuse is for the NFL. They can’t be to happy with her antics. I hope her husband is one great football player!

  • Anonymous

    Look what’s done is done now it’s time to move forward and from I have seen kendra had moved on with her life and has changed for the better I think having her son and getting married has put an end to her wild ways yes she made a mistake but she has learned from it so I think it would be best to forgive and forget.

    • Anonymouse

      Courtney, is that you? I’d recognize that lack of punctuation anywhere…lol

  • Anonymous

    i wish i did the same mistakes when i was that young, look at her know!laughing all the way to the bank :0)

    • angieb

      You got that right..She knows exactly what shes doing !! And all shes done..I exsperimented in the stripper scene in my early 20s till 29..You learn alot..Shes no angel..Im sure having a baby has changed her hormones around but it seems its all for the $$$$..She acts like “Oh poor me”. Wrong!!
      Shes a cute young woman.She’d be smart to get on w/more mature careers if shes worried about her son.Keep your clothes on..

  • Gina

    She’s ‘crying’ all the way to the bank…

  • Valerie

    Dee, you can burn in hell along with all the other “victims” of having having their sex tapes “leaked”… What the hell does me being a woman or not being a woman have to do with this??? You’re making ezcuses for this piece of trash? Here’s my advice, FAWK YOU!!! Plain and simple. I rest my case.
    These useless worthless celebrities are all trying to extend their fame past 15 minutes and since sex sells, why not make a sex tape? Look at the woman you’re standing up for… Uneducated, talentless piece of white trash who used her body to get fame. Bravo, yes, I’m SOOO jealous

    • rachel

      totally agree ……..i lik her though shes interesting to watch but she has no brain

  • Moore1

    I read elsewhere that she shopped around this tape herself and that she’s getting paid for it still. This was after her marriage too. Sorry but if thats true, I have very little sympathy for the situation and her so called clean life.

    I hate that her child will have to hear/see this, but she seems to have willing opened the door at one point in time and now she just can’t close it. Looks like she’ll just have to deal with it.

  • Lioness

    A lot of these celebrities leak the tapes themselves, don’t let the tears and “outrage” fool you. Don’t know about Kendra, but I would be more surprised to lean that she DIDN’T leak it herself.

  • Lioness

    more surprised to *learn* that she didn’t, I meant

  • Tracy

    I do not feel sorry for her. She made her living and her pseudo-celebrity status by sexualizing her body and life. I don’t feel sorry for Hank either. He knew what kind of situation and lifestyle Kendra was a part of when he met her.

    I appreciate that Kendra stopped the drug use of her past. But she traded one vice for another.

    • eb

      tracy thats what it called true love when you fall inlove you dont care who she is what she was we are not god who judge people i’d rather fell sorry for this people who made a mistake like this than to judge them coz we’re all gonna die for me god the only one who can judge people hope you dont make a mistake morethan what she does in your life.

  • Anonymous

    I find it difficult to beleive the Kendra tape would have been released without her consent
    She was one of Hef’s girlfriends and he couldn’t try and stop Vivid from releasing the tape?

    Playboy and Vivid are Very Much affiliated.

    Playboy own – own (means go f*ck yourself) – runs jennacash (Vivid girl Jenna (Jameson)) who has Posed in Playboy (recently)

    This headhunter finds women for the cam sites used by Hustler, Playboy and Vidid – they ALL use the same cams but they’re “competitors” – They charge in credits – I guess saying 8.99 per. minute for special shows doesn’t sound too appealing

    his ad… – his site

    Take these celebrity sex tapes for instance. The mainstream press is ALL toubting the “Kendra Exposed” tape as the greatest thing since sliced bread. She was Hef’s girl and he can’t stop this?

    Also The Shauna Exposed tape – another “Playboy girl'”
    Shauna was a HOST at Vivid’s Party AT A Playboy Club! – THIS YEAR!

    This excerpt is from a (2001) article

    With Playboy, Vivid co-owns AdulTVision, an adult-movie channel available on many cable systems. And Vivid is negotiating with Playboy to buy Hot Spice, …,9171,139893,00.html,9171,139893,00.html

    here’s the entire story – read the bottom on the “preggo” porn

    Why is ALL the media “Pushing” the Kendra sex tape to make money for Vivid??? WHY???? Is just a small, grainy tape of a woman famous for NOTHING

    read Honest tape reviews here

  • mika

    still wanna watch it?
    download the sextape from here:

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the sex tape that would make me want to leave Kendra. It’s that she’s ANNOYINGLY STUPID! I would poke my ears out with hot pokers to keep from having to hear her speak! Anyone defending the actions of Kendra in this situation or any other is probably also an Obama supporter (read “idiot”). You don’t get to be a whore and a slut and a prostitute (i.e. sleeping with Hef for the payday) and then, once you decide to procreate and get some idiot to marry you, demand we all forget that you are a whore. Sorry, morons. It doesn’t work like that. Hank is just swimming in dirty water!

    • rachel

      lol so true …..

  • Anonymous

    first of all im a huge fan of kendra and her show even though it does not mean anything.Second of all, people need to give kendra a break (i am mostly talking to people that have rude things to say about kendra ) she is only human.Many stars have made a sex tape but i dont see them saying ” I’m sorry i really didn’t want this to come out.” or at leat trying to fix their career.Exactly that’s my point. When brittany made a sex tape i didn’t see her trying to fix her career and brittany is way more famous then kendra.People should mind their business because i know if yall made a sex tape, yall wouldn’t want almost every body in the world to be in your business right?? Ok then it’s the same situation but just the other way around. OOHHH and one last thing, if yall all up in stars business that most mean yall dont want a life dont have a life and cant get a life so that most mean that yall sit at home all day on the computer and trying to get the new scoop on someone’s business but instead of putting your nose in someone else’s beez wax yall could be out side making friends and trying to have a life.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Just watched Kendra’s sex tape online at

  • Anonymous

    Wow what a shocker it must have been for Hank. I mean he must have been suprised to discover the girl he knocked up before he married her, who used to be one of 7 girlfriends of an 80 year old sex monger, who posed nude in magazines and films and marketed herself as a sex toy since she was 18 years old had a “past”. Ridiculous.

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