Teri Hatcher: “I’m Not A Desperate Housewife, I Just Play One On TV”

Teri Hatcher is on a quest to empower mothers. The Desperate Housewives’ star has partnered with Disney to create a new website, GetHatched, in hopes of connecting moms and helping them to find their pre-mom selves. The 45-year-old actress sat down with Babble to dish on parenting, her new business endeavor, and being a single mom to 12-year-old daughter Emerson.

On why she created GetHatched alongside Disney: “Women do a lot these days; we make money, take care of our children, spouses, and communities, we carpool, we bake-sale, but sometimes we forget about ourselves. And for some strange reason, we often still confront feelings of not being good enough, and its high time there’s a shift in that attitude. Other strong women have inspired me, and I wanted to build a community where we could all learn from each other.”

On being a ‘desperate housewife’ and how her life has changed: “Well, I’m not a desperate housewife; I just play one on TV. I’ve been blessed by a job filled with new friendships and memories and the freedom to not worry — quite so much — about college tuition and mortgages. As a single mom, there’s always a nagging feeling that this celebrity [status] could go away in a poof. You have to be conservative and smart; no Ferrari for me.”

On one lesson she would teach her daughter: “Life’s short — don’t waste time on things that are trivial. Get off your cell phone, travel, laugh.”

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