Joey Fatone: “I Want My Kids To Be Excited About What I Do”

Former N’sync singer Joey Fatone is following the footsteps of many celebrities and adding family-friendly fare to his resume, in an effort to get his kids excited about his work. He recently guest-starred on an episode of Disney Channel’s Imagination Movers, where he played a baseball player, Joey Giordano. Time Out New York sat down with Joey to discuss the role, and his two children: Briahna, 9 and Kloey, 4 months.

On teaching his children about his New York City roots: “I’ve brought Brihana back to the city. There’s a pizza place in Brooklyn she loves called Spumoni Gardens. She keeps asking if she’s from New York or from Florida. I tell her she’s a Floridian, but she’s kind of a New Yorker because I keep bringing her back to taste all the food and culture, and we still have family living in Staten Island.”

On taking on new roles that are appealing to children: “It was a lot of fun and it changes things up a bit. Also, I want my kids to be excited about what I do. My daughter doesn’t care about what I did with ‘N Sync, but once I did Hannah Montana about a year ago, I became God to her. My nephew loves Imagination Movers, so it’s going to be cool for him to see me on that.”

On being the “third kid” in his family: “I’m the third kid, definitely. I’m kind of a big kid at heart. I’m a fun guy, I always want to take my daughter to theme parks and stuff like that.”

Read the rest of the interview at Time Out New York

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  1. elle

    Uh, unless I’ve time-traveled (if so, where’s my hovercar?), Kloey is 4 months, not 4.

  2. Anonymous

    He did such a great job on the Imagination Movers. My little sisters love that episode and always try to act like Joey the baseball player.

  3. Sophia

    Isn’t his eldest daughter’s name spelt Briahna, not Brihana?

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