Ralph Macchio & His Karate Kid

Ralph Macchio, 48, attended the Los Angeles premiere of The Karate Kid with his 14-year-old son Daniel on Monday (June 7). Ralph and his wife of 23 years, Phyllis, are also parents to 17-year-old daughter Julia.

Ralph and Pat Morita were the stars of the original Karate Kid film, which reached incredible popularity in the ’80s. Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan have some huge shoes to fill!

Ralph talked about the moment Daniel discovered he was once a teen idol:

One of my favorite moments was when my son found a whole bunch of newspaper clippings and magazines when he was 7, and didn’t know I was in the business. He came up, and was like ‘oh my God, dad was huge, and we missed it!’”

Do you think the new Karate Kid will be as good as the first?

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • mhm90

    Ralph was sooo handsome as the karate kid.

  • deeb2001

    I don’t know! I’m gonna say yes! I myself wanna see this remake, but I hope its not like fast and furious 2 n 3 or nightmare on elm street (2010), cuz those all sucked.

  • Anonymous

    wow he does not look 48!! such a baby face!

  • antigoniem

    OMG He doesn’t look his age at all. He still looks the same age as he did in the Karate Kid.

  • anonymous

    Wow, great looking!

  • Anonymous

    Johnny & Pony Boy were my faves! Stay gold!

  • rita buchan

    Ralph is still really handsome and his son looks just like him! I doubt the I will enjoy the new one as much as I did the first, but I’m still looking forward to seeing the new karate kid!

  • Anonymous

    i dont know it looks ok kinda dumb i like the 80s films better the new 1 dosnt look that great 2 me just my opinion tho i even didnt mind the 1 with hilary swank in the new kkid in 95

  • Anonymous

    i dont know i didnt rele like the commericial it looked kinda dumb n lil stupid 2 me i like the 80s films better just my opinion tho i didnt even mind the new kkid with hilary swank in 95 but this 1 didnt grab my attention that much its cool their remakin it tho

  • Hannah.J

    His son looks older than him. I loved the original Karate Kid trilogy so I don’t think I will see the remake if it’s no good I will only compare it to the original and that would ruin it for me.

  • Shannon

    HE’S 48?!?!?!?! No freaking way! He doesn’t look a day over 30! Wow!

    No I don’t think the new Karate Kid will be as good as the original. I mean how can you top that? It was fabulous!

  • Trish

    Are ya’ll blind or what? Don’t get me wrong, I too am a big fan of the original. But, I can’t wait to see this new movie. Ralph is right, this new movie is a celebration of the original. That means it has to be at its best. Who else could bring it like Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. Jackie Chan is a master in the and he is an amazing actor. And Jaden has arleady shown his talent on the big screen. He is a minuiture version of his father. So all you die hard KK fans just relax and enjoy it as being what it is: the same story just different character names, martial art style, and setting.

  • Anonymous

    Ralph Macchio= HOTTT!!! I love him sooo much.I hate when people go” you likke him?” or “Wow he is UGLY” BUT HE IS HOTTT!!! I am going to ask him to be in my movie when I get my book published then turned into a movie.He is going to play the main character’s dad.
    I know Hot right.
    And now you know how obbsessed I am even at the age of 13.Ralph macchiois my wallpaper on my computer and also my pic when i am signing on the computer and i also have the words”STAY GOLD” as my screensaver. I am also turning my room into a Outsiders theme. COOOOOLLLL!!!

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