Julie Moran Has “No Regrets” About Choosing Family Over Career

Julie Moran was a correspondent on the popular entertainment news show Entertainment Tonight from 1994–2001. She left her 50-hour-a-week job to raise her two daughters – Miaya, 10, and Makayla, 6 – with her husband, actor Rob Moran. The busy mom-of-two opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about promoting eco-friendly J.R. Watkins products, having “no regrets” about leaving ET, and her hopes to enter the workforce again soon.

CBS: You are currently promoting J.R. Watkins. Tell us all about the brand.

JM: “This is a brand that’s been around for 141 years. J.R. Watkins started out selling his own products. This company is the founder of natural products. Everything that he used was pure, green and organic and the company is still the same today.

When I was growing up, I used to see these products in my grandmother’s cupboards. Here I am many years later in Santa Monica and I start seeing these products again. It was such a connection to my childhood. I remembered the labels and the beautiful glass bottles. I remember the spices, the black pepper, the creams and the oils. Now they have even gone into cleaning products for the home.

I just feel like this is the way I live my life and if I want to endorse a line of products, this is what I’d love to see other people using because it’s so good for you and for the environment.

The ad for Watkins now is ‘Someday, all natural products will be this good. Just give them 141 years.’ They’ve been doing this for so long. They’re the pioneer.”

CBS: Are the skin care products are paraben-free?

JM: “Absolutely. Just for example, the hand and body lotions are so great for babies, kids, anybody. They’re all-natural and they come in 5 different essences. There’s aloe and green tea, and lemon and lavender, mango and vanilla. They have all-natural shea butter and cocoa butters. They’re they most pure product you could put on your babies skin or on your own skin.”

CBS: And the home cleaning products are all-natural and good for the environment?

JM: “Yes. Everything is chemical and dye-free. They all smell amazing. When I switched to these products – I use the lemon in the kitchen and the lavender hand cream – it just changed the whole way my house felt and it changed how I feel about cleaning. I just felt almost luxurious because there’s no harsh abrasives or chemicals in their products. And they do the job just as well.”

CBS: Can you get these products everywhere?

JM: “They’re starting to be available on many places. I go on QVC and sell the products there. They’re also in all kinds of health and drug stores. I was in Georgia a few weeks ago and I went to the old drug store that I went to as a child and they had a whole wall of Watkins products. They’re sold in Target now too.”

CBS: Is this part of the Clear Conscious campaign?

JM: “It is. We want to make people feel more confident about choosing natural products. And we don’t want people to feel bad that they aren’t perfect about leading a green lifestyle. But you can have a clear conscious when using Watkins products because they are all-natural and good for the environment.”

CBS: What do you do in your home to be eco-friendly?

JM: “I have 2 young girls (10 and 6). The first thing we did with them was recycling. They love it. They love separating where the paper goes and where the plastic goes. Now, we’ve moved on from using plastic water bottles. I started to notice that we were going through way too many water bottles every week. So now they choose their own re-usable water bottles. They take them to school everyday, and we’re trying not to lose them. So we’ve eliminated plastic bottles.

And we do other things too. The girls are really good about turning the water off when they brush their teeth. We’ve gone to cloth and re-usable lunch boxes too. I was going through so many little paper bags. We’re even using re-usable containers in their lunch instead of Ziploc bags. I love Tupperware. I’ve got all kinds of sizes for whatever they’re taking in their lunch.

We also have low-flush toilets and low-flow shower heads. They like it – they like to feel like they’re helping out the earth. They’re very ‘into’ the earth.”

CBS: Tell us about your girls.

JM: “Miaya is 10 and Makayla is 6. They’re into everything! They’re really athletic girls. They’re both soccer players. I coached Miaya’s basketball team after school this year. They’re also both really musical. Makayla has her kindergarten performance coming up. My older daughter is also incredibly musical. She plays the piano and sings.”

CBS: Do they get along?

JM: “The do! They’re 4 1/2 years apart which is really good. I think having two girls any closer than that, might have caused fights. The older one feels very protective of the younger one, especially at school. They don’t really share any of the same toys, so we don’t have any of those fights. It’s been a good gap. I was wishing for closer, but then they ended up being almost 5 years apart and it’s worked out.”

CBS: You left your high-profile job at Entertainment Tonight to raise a family. Any regrets?

JM: “No regrets! Now that Makayla has started kindergarten, it’s been my first year that I said, ‘I’m ready to go back to work now.’ When I left ET, I had Miaya and I just couldn’t seem to get pregnant again. So my choices were to have an only child or to take a break and try for another one because it just wasn’t happening when I was working so many hours, 6 days a week. It was a crazy schedule. I was doing all the interviews, all the visits, flying maybe 2 days a week. It was just too busy.

My mother is an only child and I asked her what I should do. She said ‘do what you want, but if I were you, I’d want Miaya to have a sister or a brother.’ It didn’t take her convincing me – I really wanted that too. I had an out in my contract and I took that option. Funny thing, 9 months later, I was pregnant with Makayla. We went for family and I’ve never regretted it.”

CBS: Have you been a stay at home mom ever since?

JM: “No I’ve been doing a show and some part time work. I’ve also been working with Dick Clark on the American Music Awards pre-show with Dick. I also did the pre and post shows with NBC for the Golden Globes. So I’ve put my toe back in the water a little bit.”

CBS: How’s Dick doing?

JM: “He’s doing well. He’s living his life out in Malibu and doesn’t really come into the office much. He seems to be doing well. Lovely man! After I finished doing the American Music Awards, he wrote me a hand-written thank you note. Who does that anymore?!”

CBS: Do you ever have frazzled mom moments?

JM: “Oh yes! When we’re getting ready to go somewhere, it’s always a big rush. I have to get myself ready along with my two daughters. My husband is very hands-on, but only mom can dress the girls! The frazzled mom moment is when all 3 of us hop in the shower. I’m shampooing and rinsing everyone’s hair along with mine. It’s the only way to get everyone out of the house on time.”

CBS: Are you working with any charities?

JM: “There’s a charity that Brooke Shields and I both really love. It’s called Hands of Change. It’s takes at-risk women off the streets of Los Angeles. Our friend, Brenda Battista, is the founder. Brenda teaches them how to make jewelry. They are given an occupation and they develop self-worth. We’ve seen so many women’s lives change through this one little charity.

I’m also very active with Project ALS. We had a good friend who died of Lou Gehrig’s disease. Her name was Jennifer and she was a wonderful actress. A lot of other actors including Ben Stiller have been very active in this charity. We do one big event in New York and one in Los Angeles every year that Ben hosts and emcees. Throughout the year, Project ALS also does ongoing events.”

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