Art Bellies Pregnancy Art Kit for Expecting Dads

Finding a perfect Father’s Day gift is never easy but finding that perfect gift for an expecting dad is nearly impossible. Socks and ties just don’t convey the right feeling. Gadgets seem too impersonal. You wish you could give him something that helps celebrate the arrival of his new baby but almost everything about pregnancy is for the mom. What about dad?

The company Art Bellies specializes in pregnancy gifts perfect for dads. They offer easy-to-use pregnancy art kits that instantly turn any father-to-be into a Picasso. With only the materials provided in the kit, any dad can create stunning works of art using the silhouette of mom-to-be and her growing belly. The resulting life-size portraits are worthy of being displayed in the living room, nursery, home office or even the local art gallery. Finally, a way for the new father to be involved in the pregnancy.

No artistic talent, no problem. “Our kits are designed for people who feel like they don’t have any artistic ability,” says Michael Dias, co-founder of Art Bellies. “We have taken all the guess work out of it by sourcing the best quality materials. Basically, all you need to do is have your partner stand against the wall and trace the outline of her pregnant body. The end result is museum quality – guaranteed!”

This gift is a do-it-yourself project that is simple, fun, and easy to use. It takes less than 15 minutes to do and there is no messy clean up to worry about. The portraits are subtle, elegant and something that any dad-to-be will be proud of.

Each kit contains three sheets of handmade paper which serve as the canvases, 6 sheets of practice paper, a one ounce bottle of earth friendly Japanese calligraphy ink, 2 high-quality sheep hair calligraphy brushes, natural earthen dyes and a full instruction booklet that guides the process step by step. The results are nearly foolproof – high quality tools and materials translate into high quality art.

Each art kit will create at least three different types of pregnancy portraits. Dads can make a bold Asian Zen-inspired outline that depicts the pregnant silhouette. Or play with colors for a two color Matisse-like print or even creatively track the pregnancy by tracing the belly every few weeks!

About Art Bellies:
Art Bellies is a company that helps expecting families harness the inherent creativity that naturally arises during the time of pregnancy. The concept arose organically from the founders’ recent pregnancy and since that time, countless couples have enjoyed turning their pregnancies into art. Art Bellies offers four different pregnancy art kits that are easy to use and require no special skills or artistic background. Art Bellies kits are created in rural New Hampshire.

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