Birthday Parties Of Celebrity Kids… From The Extravagant To The Charitable!

Summertime is upon us, and the season is always chock-full of birthday celebrations for kids! We’ve rounded up some of the most amazing birthday bashes that have been thrown in honor of celebrity babies and tots! From $100,000 extravagant affairs to down to earth parties thrown to benefit children in need, here’s your invitation into the birthday celebrations thrown for Tinseltown’s most famous tykes!

Most people don’t spend anywhere near $100,000 on their birthday parties in a lifetime, but Suri Cruise isn’t most people. Her second birthday party made headline news when parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spent a reported $100,000 on the event. The theme was butterflies, and the lavish cake had an excessive $5,000 price tag alone! Catering also reportedly cost $45,000; and the sweets didn’t end with the cake, $230 was doled out for cupcakes from LA’s Sprinkles bakery as well.

Suri recently celebrated her 4th birthday and carried on the cupcake indulging tradition. She had a tea-party themed celebration and attendees decorated the sweet treats at her house in Beverly Hills. The shindig also featured a scavenger hunt and swimming.

Blakesley Grace Sutter, the little girl of Bachelorette alums Trista and Ryan Sutter, “loved” her first birthday party, which featured an Alice in Wonderland theme. Mom Trista says Blakesley’s favorite moment of the party was when guests sang “Happy Birthday” to her, and adds,

We had 26 kids there who are either good friends… or neighbors. It was a packed house, but from what I could tell, everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Max Sutter‘s first birthday was also a big hit! The Candyland theme boasted a candy buffet that included over 200 pounds of sweet treats!

We recently reported on Kingston Rossdale’s 4th birthday party, which parents Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale spent a whopping $15,000 orchestrating! “A bouncy castle, three birds, a face painter, a balloon artist, and roaming super hero characters” entertained 100 party guests, who feasted on “burgers, hot dogs, tacos, quesadillas, french fries and chicken fingers.” A cotton candy machine and a lemonade stand rounded out the bonanza!

Zuma‘s rock star dad Gavin Rossdale was in charge of firing up the grill for his son’s first birthday. He said,

I got home from the studio and was cooking burgers at 3 a.m. this morning to prepare for the party,” Gavin says. “I’m the chef, and Gwen’s more of the party planner. She takes care of the presents and the guests. I just love to cook for everyone.

Gavin also shared that Zuma’s birthday wish list included toy trucks and squeaky shoes!

Actress Julie Bowen chose to be charitable when it came to throwing a first birthday party for her twins Johnny and Gus last month. She decided to support charity organization Baby2Baby, which supplies families in need with essential baby gear, saying,

Honestly, [the twins] have more than enough stuff and there are so many families in Los Angeles that don’t even have the bare necessities. So if I can take two over-privileged kids’ birthdays and use it as an opportunity to get other kids the stuff they need, I’m overjoyed to do that.

The most popular tomboy on the planet and daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt reportedly celebrated her fourth birthday last month with a soldier-themed party. In Touch reported that a family friend told them Shiloh would be receiving “new boots, toy guns and a new bed that looks like a spaceship.” The source added,

She wants boys’ toys, since she’s such a little tomboy. Brad also bought Shiloh a jeep that is safe for kids, and he’s thinking of getting her a toy ATV that she can drive around the property.

As if being the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis weren’t magical enough, Lily Rose Depp got to celebrate her 8th birthday with her parents at The Magic Castle!

Camron, the son of NBA star Stephen Jackson enjoyed a superhero themed birthday party to celebrate turning 5 years old last month! Celebrity attendees included Kingston and Zuma Rossdale, and Iron Man, Wolverine and Star Wars characters made an appearance!

Gwyneth Paltrow recently shared plans for her daughter Apple‘s 6th birthday party, which took place last month saying,

She requested a petting zoo…I thought we’d get a couple bunnies and a cat…It’s literally like, one pony to ride – I don’t know where we’re riding this pony, by the way. A pony to pet, some goats, a bearded dragon, a tarantula, two meat rats and a de-scented skunk.

Geri Halliwell threw her daughter Bluebell a magical 2nd birthday party, complete with white rabbits and a lavish cake to fit the Alice in Wonderland theme. Click here to see Bluebell enjoying her birthday cake in her pink party dress!

Cruz Beckham wore his superhero costume triumphantly seen here arriving at his 5th birthday party at Xtreme Martial Arts World Headquarters in Hollywood, California. He suited up in a manly costume (and even had a costume change during his party) the year before at his 4th birthday party at the same location!

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren‘s little cutie-pie Honor had a sweet first birthday party with cake as the messy main event. Alba shared,

The first birthday is really more for the parents. I don’t know. We might do, like, Dumbo… we might have, like, music guys. I’m going to bake a cake that she can eat and put all over her face.

Heidi Klum and Seal‘s son Johan enjoyed a train-themed third birthday party during which guests got to ride on a miniature train that the couple set up in the family’s backyard! All aboard!

Johan‘s brother Henry enjoyed his super cool 4th birthday party which had a superhero theme and included some friendly live reptiles as guests!

Kelly Rutherford threw a quite a bash for her son Hermés 3rd birthday. “Rocky the Robot Truck” was the theme of the construction zone party, where the birthday boy and his buddies got to build a miniature NYC skyscraper together. Sandwiches shaped like tools rounded out the fun.

Soleil Moon Frye and Jason Goldberg‘s daughter Jagger enjoyed some good old-fashioned fun at her first birthday party, which was planned by her big sister, Poet. Their mom shared,

Poet hosted Jagger’s b-day and it was a big hit. Bubbles in the air, face painting, crafts and even a puppy petting zoo. There is nothing quite like the vision of kids running around on a candy high laughing while they chase after one another. Smiling little ones full of life and joy.

Britney Spears threw a double birthday party for her little boys. The car and truck themed bash included mini-motorized trucks customized for Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier and featured tattoo-inspired decals, Ed Hardy air fresheners and personalized license plates. The birthday boys drove around the party in their trucks and feasted on a yellow, truck-shaped cake.

Which celebrity kid’s birthday party would you most like to attend?

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  • Anonymous

    Why do u people keeping reporting/repeating lies from the tabloids. Lies and Sh*t have no inside source on the Jolie-Pitts. No one knows anything about Shiloh’s birthday party except that there was a trampoline and bouncy thing hired for the day.

  • Anonymous

    This all makes me sick. What does spending thousands of dollars on a birthday party teach children?

    • Anonymous

      The deal is that spending is all relevant. If someone makes $30,000/year then they land in the category, “top 4% richest people in the world” (according to the UN). Thats many North Americans. So if someone is worth 50 million and they choose to use 0.2% of their riches to host a party ($100,000) then I’m pretty sure we’re not allowed to complain, especially since the average North American spends $800 on Christmas every year ($800 of $30,000 is also 0.2% by the way). Its all relative!

      • Jason

        sorry, my mistake. $800 of $30,000 is actually 2%, not 0.2%. so most North Americans spend more, relatively, every year at Christmas than the Cruise family did.

    • Jason Moffat

      The deal is that spending is all relevant. If someone makes $30,000/year then they land in the category, “top 4% richest people in the world” (according to the UN). Thats many North Americans. So if someone is worth 50 million and they choose to use 0.2% of their riches to host a party ($100,000) then I’m pretty sure we’re not allowed to complain, especially since the average North American spends $800 on Christmas every year ($800 of $30,000 is also 0.2% by the way). Its all relative!

  • mslewis

    I think it’s unfair to repeat gossip rag stories about how much money these parents spend for their children’s birthday parties. Unless the parent tells you personally, nobody knows the truth. That stuff about Shiloh having a “military” themed party was totally wrong. It was obvious she had a simple party with slides and jumpy things that all four year olds love and nothing remotely “military.” Stop repeating lies told by those “insiders” and “sources” the rags always use. These are code words meaning “we made it all up.”

  • Emma

    It’s refreshing to hear that some birthdays used the event to raise awareness and money for various children’s charities. It’s a good opportunity to show these rich children just how lucky they are and open their eyes to other kids who maybe are less able.

  • ycppigr


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