Jaden Smith Rocks ‘The Late Show’

Child star Jaden Smith, 11, was spotted arriving at the Late Show with David Letterman in New York City on Thursday (June 10). The celebrity son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith rocked combat boots and a camo studded jacket for his appearance on the popular talk show.

We just saw the entire Smith family – including Jaden’s two siblings Trey and Willow – at the premiere of his new film, The Karate Kid.

Mom Jada recently said that she’s so proud of her son’s accomplishments in the film:

As a parent, it was amazing to see my child understand the fruits of hard work, and he sees that from what was produced just with his own talents.”

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Photo credit: Fame / Pacific Coast News


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  1. Tazina

    He’s a nice kid, very polite to adults.

  2. Anonymous

    Anyone who tries to say anything negative about this family clearly doesnt know what they are talking about. Awesome family, greats morals and I def. don’t think they think they are better than anyone else!

  3. Anonymous

    I saw Jaden’s appearance on Letterman’s show and I was very impressed with him. Cute kid, very funny and charismatic. He totally won me over. I think he will go far with his parents’ support and guidance.

  4. teagen

    The smith family seems snobby. Especially willow.

    • LaKesha

      Have you met the family? Willow?

    • mur

      i cant agree jaden is not idk about every body else but plz dont talk about his family that rude wat if i say your famliy is snooby and im not trying to be mean .I just saying some day i truly want to marry him bcuz he funny cutie srry not cute $3xi ,but any way some day i hope he can magicly lose his job or wat eva and meet me and get famous again or not idc but somehow i want to meet him

  5. marianne d

    Talking selebrity frolicks – latest personal preference (love?) of Mr David Letterman , is apparently Joe, employed as a writer and also appearing as a goofy character in comical sketches.
    Hmmm,naturel development after Mr Letterman’s affair with a female employee…

  6. Faithe

    They have an awesome family parents can give great advice to their kids jaden is so cute! he will be 12 in three days well atleast when i wrote this im 12 now so hes close to my age and when i take acting classes if i make it i hope i can meet him and the rest of his family if any of you guys read this i love you guys take care

  7. Faithe

    oh yeah and one more thing i saw your movie 4 times haha u rock jaden!

  8. Faithe

    oh yeah and one more thing i saw your movie 4 times haha u rock jaden!

  9. Anonymous

    i want to see his baby pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. sandy marseille

    i love you jaden smith if you like me i will be happy love sandy

  11. Anonymous

    Jaden is super cool, i cant wait to see him in new thinks-he will go far. And Are the smith kids named after their parents-
    Jada- Jaden
    Will- Willow
    ???What do you think

  12. mrs.jadensmith

    i really want to meet jaden smith hes so adorable ,talented, works hard for karate kid he trained 24/7 i wish i would meet him on my 11th b day and then when i turn 21 i meet him again we date for a really long time like 5 years we move in together and he proposes on valentines day.and willow would be a bridesmade,and his brother would be a groomsmen.

  13. jaden

    @mrs.jaden smith you cant be with me okay i am sorry i love this other girl from new yorkbut heres my number9178651534

  14. Anonymous

    wow you kids need to get a life ok guys he would never want to be with any one of you he has better things to do with his time and money and besides he’s rich and famous yall would only see him in ya’ll sleep

  15. Anonymous

    YOU GUYS DUMBASSSSES, He’ll never marry one of us so keep on dreaming, you’ll have to be in new york or la to date him (I dont believe in long distance relonshtips)
    Im not tryna say get over him i mean i love him aswell well his music and his dad well the whole entire family! plus there is no chance of meeting him if u aint famous or rich.
    to date him u have to know everythin about him (I aint sayin i wanna date h’im
    like moi.
    his religon
    who’s he dated

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