Jude Law & Sienna Miller’s Paris Pals

Sienna Miller and Jude Law arrived in Paris, France via Eurostar with two of his four children – daughter Iris, 9 1/2 and son, Rudy, 7 1/2 – along with a friend on Friday (June 11). The group looked like one big happy family as they traveled through Paris’ Gare du Nord and Montparnasse Metro Stations.

Jude and his ex-wife, Sadie Frost, are also parents to son Rafferty, 13 1/2. During a brief relationship with aspiring actress Samantha Burke, Jude also fathered a daughter, Sophia, 8 months.

Jude and Sienna seem to be going strong! The reunited couple broke off their engagement in 2006 after Jude’s fling with his children’s nanny, Daisy Wright.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. Heart

    I’m SOOOO confused…with all this bed hopping he’s been doing…how many kids does he have total? Sheesh…he could be the next Lil Wayne, lol!!!!!

  2. lara

    heart he has 3 kids with Sadie and one daughter with Samantha. lil Wayne has 4 kids with four different women within a year.

  3. Anna

    He is nothing like Lil Wayne! He had three children with his wife and than one with another woman when he was single!

  4. Anonymous

    dysfunction at its best. He’s a cheating scumbag and she’s a homewrecker known to go after married me. I’ve never been interested in their movies because their personal lives were very distasteful. He cheated on the ex wife. He cheated on her and yet she thinks the third time will be the charm lol. Some women never learn. I think she’s destined to be a glorified homewrecker and he’s destined to be a cheater. What horrible examples of adults they set for those poor kids.

  5. Sophia

    PS He legally adopted Sadie’s son Finlay, so that makes him a dad of five. Just saying. Cute photos 🙂

  6. sheryl

    Jillian, you’re wrong. He didn’t cheat on his ex-wife, his ex-wife cheated on her first husband and then divorced him. She then divorced Jude. Jude had an affair when he was with Sienna. If you’re lucky enough not to be divorced (lucky being relative), good for you, but you’re not immune to life’s ups and downs, either.

    Jude’s kids are beautiful. To me, they look like they function just fine.

  7. sheryl

    Sophia, he didn’t legally adopt Finley. Finley’s father, Gary, is still Finley’s father and involved in his life, and Gary and Jude are friends. They’ve taken the kids on outings and vacations together.

  8. Heart

    Heart, what does bed hopping have to do with it? He has as many children as his ex-wife, and her children are by 2 different fathers. What, do you mean to tell me you know nobody that has children by different spouses/partners? Well gee whiz.

  9. sheryl

    Sorry, that last one was mine. I meant to address to Heart but put Heart in the name box instead…duh. It’s waaay past bedtime and I’m sleepy. So…g’night.

  10. dolorescraeg

    rudy was with his father when he had a hair cut. he has as much right to approve that as his ex wife. jude had three children with sadie frost during their marriage. she left her first husband to marry jude. jude never cheated on sadie while they were married…..

  11. isabella

    omg rudy is sooo beautiful! he really looks like his hot dad, i wonder how sexy he is gonna be at 18!!
    the only child of jude that isn’t beautiful at all is rafferty.

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