Kate Gosselin’s Marriage Advice To Daughters: Wait Until “30 & Beyond”

During a recent appearance on the Today Show, Kate Gosselin stated that she was in no hurry to start dating. The reality TV diva, who recently appeared on Dancing with the Stars, said that she is very happy being single.

In fact, her advice to her daughters – Cara and Mady, 9, and Alexis, Hannah and Leah, 6 – is to wait until they are “30 and beyond” before they take the plunge! The mother-of-multiples married young and now feels that you should be “really, really, really sure” about marriage and question any need for rushing into it at a young age.

She is, however, open to having discussions with her eight children – including her 6-year-old boys Aaden, Collin and Joel – about whether she is likely to date, or eventually remarry, as they are often wondering when mommy is going to get a new boyfriend.

Kate stresses that now is not the right time for a new beau and she feels “my kids need so much of me that I need to be with them”. She does not feel ready to “personally move forward” at at this time.

Kate and her kids recently returned to TLC in the new series Kate Plus 8, which raked in 3.4 million viewers. The episode centered on the sextuplets’ sixth birthday. After the episode, Kate’s own show, Twist of Kate, kept 3 million viewers interested.

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  • olivia

    Kate needs to stop talking to the media. Stay away from the limelight and raised her eight young children.

    • Anonymous

      why some women always feel the need to find some fault with Kate is beyond me. Guys support each other no matter what even when their buddies are sleeping with whores and cheating on their wives, abandoning their kids and doing all sorts of maliciousness yet their buddies stick by them. But with females even when we’re the victim there’s always another female out there to bash us. Come on. This woman has been true hell and in the most public form with an dimwit for a ex husband (Jon) maybe if more women put themselves in her shoes they won’t find fault with a single thing she’s doing because in fact all she’s doing is trying to raise her kids. The same kids that Jon walked out on. I mean the mother is always the one who ends up having to raise the kids if the man chooses to leave. If the man walks out people usually turn a blind eye to it and are more forgiving but if the mother walks out she would be vilified for the rest of her life. but the reality is that she’s the one taking care of them and not him. so he deserves the vilification. Not Kate!

  • Joy

    I feel that Kate is doing the right thing by being honest with her children by telling them that right now her responosbility it to provide and take care of them, not find another husband or boyfriend. They can learn about jumping in and out of relationships from Jon. I am and will continue to be “TEAMKATE”!

  • Carol

    Joy – I am with you with TEAMKATE! She has behaved herself very well since she got rid of the burden of Jon.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone really think Kate’s kids are going to listen to her after they find out that “mommie dearest” has taken 85% of their money as per the state/court this year and the 8 kids get to split 15%. It is unclear what the kids got from birth until now. Does this not sound like another Gary Coleman style lawsuit where they will ask Kate: “Where did all the money go?” Why isn’t there enough for me to go to college and why can’t I afford a used junker?

    • LaKesha

      You do know that the kids’ college educations have long ago been provided for. The children live in a million dollar home, go on lavish vacations, eat the best meals–that’s where “their” money that “their” mother provided for has gone. As parents we all do what’s best for our families–step out of the way and let Kate do the same.

    • Lauri

      To the stupid person who states Kate has taken 85 percent of the money and left only 15 percent for the kids is just another hater. If you bother to check your facts, Kate has long been putting money in a trust fund for the kids, the court mandated the 15%, which had been done in October, but she has always been putting money away for their college and such. Maybe you should spend more time checking facts instead of reading trash tabloids.

  • Anonymous

    hmmm shouldn’t it be “girls don’t treat your husband like trash or one day he might have enough of it and just leave”….? teamkate my …

    • Lauri

      Kate was nasty at times with Jon, but we only saw what TLC wanted us to, but until we live 24/7 in her shoes we don’t know what we would do. He never kept a job, obviously he was running around on Kate and then left to chase 20 something girls and now has videos all over trashing France and smoking illegal items now thats something to be proud off.

  • Anonymous

    Funny, Kate achieved all of those children through the use of fertility drugs mostly needed because of the delay having children, whch now is considered over the age of 30.

  • Anonymous

    Woman should wait until they are no less than 25 to marry and men 30. Really, developementally and life experience it might be the most probable way to achieve good marriages.

    I have to agree, wait. Also wait to give yourself to someone. It always shocks me to see the degrading of young women with the sexual behaviours that are being encouraged so young these days. Dressing like a prosti-tot at 6 or 7, sex by 16 and Sleeping with 30 or 40 men by the time you’re 30 isn’t something to flog as being in charge of your sexuality and having control, it’s about being used by the media and men today.

  • J. Larson

    This business of “women should wait until X age to marry” is really annoying me. What is right for one, may not be right for another but that doesn’t mean that women are only ready to marry after they are 25 or 30… I married at 24 14 years ago and my husband and I are still going strong.

  • Anonymous

    This woman is terrifying! I highly doubt her kids will even be speaking to her by the time they are 30…ugh!!!!!!! What a classic narcissist.

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  • Anonymous

    To those who trash this mom of 8..wonder what kind of parents and spouses they are themselves??? Easy to throw a stone but what’s amusing is, the stones thrown most are by the ones in Giant tender-glass houses.Any objective person can see that,she’s doing a terrific job as a mother after all that’s transpired since last year.Way to go Kate!God bless and keep yourself and the children safe,healthy and happy as you are strongly capable of and as you have been doing so far.Peace!

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