Brandi Glanville: Eddie’s Cheating “Just Made Me Sick”

The war of words continues between Brandi Glanville, her ex Eddie Cibrian and his new love LeAnn Rimes.

In a new interview with E! Brandi recalls the “chemistry” and “flirtation” between her husband and his Northern Lights co-star, saying, “I just felt like she wanted my man.”

Brandi adds that it wasn’t the first time Eddie had strayed, alleging he was seeing someone else throughout her second pregnancy.

“I was pregnant. I was having a really hard time with one baby, so to have…Eddie really wanted me to get pregnant again and so to have him pushing for that and so to find out that whole time…that just made me sick.”

Meanwhile, LeAnn recently had her lawyer send Brandi a cease-and-desist letter, charging slander, though it doesn’t seem to have had much impact.

“It’s not what’s best for my children, to have the girlfriend and the father suing the mother of my children,” says Brandi. “Its just not conducive to the kids.”

As for Eddie, he wants everyone to just move on: “I hope for the sake of our children we can all move forward and heal privately. I wish their mother nothing but the best.”

Eddie and Brandi, who wed in 2001, are parents to sons Mason and Jake.

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  • Natalie

    I feel really sorry for her, and he is obviously an idiot. But she needs to stop dragging it up. It’s time for her to move on for the sake of the kids.

    • Anonymous

      And how exactly can she move on when Leann who suffers from HPD won’t move on? Leann tweets about BG kids EVERYDAY and even made it sound like the kids didn’t even have a mother in that People interview.

      The major problem is that LR underestimated the public and now she is upset because no one is accepting her “romance” with EC. That is where BG comes in. LR needs a scapegoat and because BG is the woman that LR is competing with, BG is LR target. It is a shame when sites like JJ glorify Leann’s tweets knowing full well that she is violating EC promises to his kids and fuss he made in his custody petition.


    Once a cheater, always a cheater.

  • Giana

    Seriously- Why does she need to stop draggin it up Natalie? Do you have kids? It is the most bonding experience. You and your beloved create another human being together. To have the man you love and trust, the man who promised to love you forever on your wedding day, cheat on you and run around town with his mistress- why does she need to be quiet? This is wrong- attention should be brought to Eddie and Leanne- what lowlives- let’s not brush this under the rug. It’s not okay what they did. It’s sad that she can’t be as public and open with the results of what Eddie did to her when he cheated, as Eddie is allowed to be with his mistress. I support Brandi 100%. Keep your head up!

  • Anonymous

    Stop dragging it up?? It’s only been a year and she lives with that pain everyday.. I’m sure the kids are still confused. Hell it’s been years since my dad left my mom for someone else and it still hurts. Even my relationships are affected…I’m sure she wants to move on…might be hard when at the grocery store you see them happy as hell on vacation on a magazine cover. while you are all alone wishing your family were together.So i think it being so public takes the healing a little slower

  • keep on dreaming


    But you don’t see her whinning about it do you..!!! Move on get a life… give
    Mary Jo a call… she isn’t even known in the tabloids is she.. not like you dear
    Brandi …So stop your whining.. He was not happy in his marriage and it should
    be private between Eddie and You don’t drag the public into it..

    • Janna66

      Do you live under a rock? *HE* is the one who make a public spectacle of himself.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, where do you live? Under a Rock? You keep bringing up these other women whose husband’s cheated on them and the sad part is that you know nothing about these women. If you had done your homework, you would have known that Mary J E, wrote a short summary of what she went through with Tori and Dean and then she wrote a book that was on the best sellers list. You just don’t want BG to talk because in the end, it makes LR and EC look bad. Perhaps you should tell LR to move on, stop tweeting about another woman’s kids and then tipping off the paps so that they can she her “helping EC to raise his kids” (as LR put it in that People article). EC is not happy with LR, and yet that has not stopped her form whining to JJ and x17, so what is your point? That LR does not have to abide by the rules that you impose on the married man’s wife? What expectation of privicay should BG fulfill, seeing as how LR is telling all of their business on her twitter page?

  • Anonymous

    There is a saying: It takes two to tango. ’nuff said.

    • Anonymous

      So then why do you keep insisting that LR is not at fault because she was not the one who was married or because EC had cheated before?

  • Audrey

    It was an interview and probably one of the questions. That would cause it to be “drug” up.

    And it is in my opinion always best to be rid of a cheater no matter how painful. My brother still hurts over his wife leaving him and it was nearly 15 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    it’s not very wise to keep bad mouthing you kids’ father. people change, so do marriages.

    • Anonymous

      And yet you have no problem when EC or LR bad mouths the mother. Marriages do change, but that does not mean that women like you and Lean have the right to jump in bed with another woman’s husband.

  • Cabos

    I don’t care about that guy or LeAnn Rhimes, but the ex-wife needs to move on cause the nagging about it it’s annoying too.

    • Anonymous

      And yet you have no problem when it is Leann who is nagging about BG. EC kids, EC, and EC parents on her twitter account. How many different names are you going to write this statement under? We know that it’s you CBME.

  • Anonymous

    How could it be private when leAnn Rhimes is tweeting about her kids being in bed with her and Eddie?? Its ridiculous..leave them alone so they can have their fun?? I’d tell her she better keep her tweets about MY kids to herself. May be easy for you to move on but it wasn’t your husband and if it was it sure as hell wouldn’t be on the cover of STAR MAGAZINE!!

  • Anonymous

    She’s so miserably miserable, Ms Glanville– get over it! You’re making yourself sick…

    • Anonymous

      We know that Leann is miserable, why else would she sleep with another woman’s husband, try to justify it by claiming that being “unbalanced” made it okay, tweet about another womans’s kids even though EC said that he wants privacy, and then hire you to trash BG and DS just to make her look decent?

  • Marie

    As a reader in the UK, I do read these boards with interest. My understanding is that Leann sent the cease and desist letter then gave an interview to People saying how sorry she was for what happened. I guess its fair then that E Online then wanted to interview Brandi for her take on it all. Prior to Leann doing the above, I believe Brandi had kept reasonably quiet for a while. But please do correct me if I have totally the wrong end of the stick as it were

    • Anonymous

      No Marie-Brandi has never kept quiet.

      When the story of the affair first broke- Brandi went to US Weekly (a low rent tabloid) to claim Leann was a stalker.

      Then she had her sister talking trash to US Weekly.

      Then she spent the better part of the year trashing Eddie and Leann to US Weekly and In Touch.

      Brandi’s bitterness and washing of her dirty laundry has gotten so old.

      As a mother her children should come first. That means not trashing their father to tabloid magazines every five minutes.

      She also in Cosmo this month talking more trash.

      Brandi needs to move on. Eddie is not coming back.

      • Anonymous


        Well why should BG keep quiet, when LR has been tipping off the paps and leaking info to the tabs from the get go and using any means to taunt BG?

        Leann is a stalker and she proved that when she canceled a concert just so that she could met up at a game with the man who was denying that he was having an affair with her. LR even admitted to stalking EC wife under the name of WEWENLOVE.

        Leann worked with US Weekly to expose her affair with EC, so what is your point? That only Leann can leak info to the tabs?

        Are you serious? You act like EC and LR are the victims. BTW, BG was just saying what the rest of the world was thinking. Besides, what she was saying was true. She didn’t make it up since we have LR weekly photo-ops and EC own words to support what she was saying.

        No dear, what is getting old is how LR pays you to blame BG for her bad choices. LR is the one who is bitter, considering that she was the one who had the nerve to tell People mag that she was not sorry for the outcome of her affair or even to send BG a C & D prior to the interview coming out. How interesting that you sit here and trash BG for talking when you cheered LR on for tweeting about how she was in bed with another woman’s kids.

        What about EC? When should he put his kids first? EC said that he wasn’t going to allow his kids to be exposed to the public and then he allows his kids faces to be plastered all over the internet for LR album and his HH movie and what do you do? You don’t criticize EC, but instead try to tell us that EC words do not say what they say. So why the double standard? BG statements are not getting old, you are just mad because the public welcomed her statements and trashed LR for even daring to sue BG or talk about her affair when she has been nothing but hateful.

        Perhaps that father should think of his kids and stop breaking promises to them. I mean why complain about not havign any privacy and then allow his mistress to tweet about his kids?

        So what is this about? That when it comes down to it, the public would rather hear BG story? So that is why you are on every site trying to make people like BG by saying that EC and LR affair was BG karma because she cheated with EC?

        How can she do with LR always courting attention?

  • Anonymous

    Brandi WILL move on. Cheater Eddie & SleezeAnn will decide to procreate. Eddie will ditch her while she’s pregnant. Then SleezeAnn will be the one whining. Guaranteed!

  • Anonymous

    i hate leann rimes. Brandi you are hot and can do so much better than eddie. He is a cheater and will always be a cheater. Soon he will be cheating on leanne. haha. if i were you i would take all his money and find yourself a GOOD looking dude. forget him and his disgusting fake tooth looking gf. her music stinks too. who listens to that anymore? haha. she is garbage and you are beautiful. i wouldnt let my kids around that skank either.

    • Anonymous

      Eddie has already cheated on Leann, remember they covered it up by suing Life and Style. So why couldn’t Leann get over the fact that EC cheated on her and just move on?

  • Anonymous

    Why do people keep saying the ex-wife should stop bringing it up. LEANN RIMES is bringing it all up DAILY on her Twitter page. AND, she just gave an exclusive interview to People magazine.
    Go Brandi, I think it’s highlarious how you’re calling them out for what they are….tasteless and classless cheaters.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not people, it’s just LR pr person who posts under different names to make it look like LR has support or that people do not like Leann. If you go to Celebrity Bitchy, you will see this phenomen. You can always tell when a site has been hit by LR pr person because the number of “fans” in the thread are at an absurb number. For instance the thread will start off with less than 5 “fans” and the next time an article on LR is posted the “fans” jump to over 30.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the woman Eddie cheated on while Brandi Glanville was pregnant with their second child. And there’s pics to prove it. He’s really scummy.

  • eintwo

    The only people who defend LR andEC are the PR people for LR. Just my opinion How can BG ever be able to move on when her husbands mistress is all over her twitter page bragging about her LOVE and twittering about BG children There should definitely be a gag order placed on big fat LR mouth and twitter finger. LR does not have a shred of decency and even worse EC is a lying, cheating scumbag that will be washed up out there in the land of “I’M FAMOUS and COMMON DECENCY DOESN’T APPLY TO ME’.

  • Anonymous

    LR is a HOMEWRECKER (just like Tori Spelling) and will get what she deserves and so will EC. BG is better off without him! All homewreckers get what they deserve in the end!!!

  • believe

    Brandi is the woman who was betrayed over and over again..I would have done more than slash the tires..Eddie -you should remember the name” BOBBIT” I think you got off easy. If you wanted to be free, the man thing to have done ,would be to get a divorce and then start sleeping with another woman, BUT, no , You start doing the NASTY PUPPY before you even leave your wife and let LR brag about it on Twitter , plus the fact that Brandi’s boys are in bed with her. What a wonderful father. Brandi, you should be so glad to be rid of this selfish D-grade actor.

  • Anonymous

    Mary Jo Eustace did made things very open about her marriage to Dean and how she is a single mother and how Dean didn’t want nothing to do with their adopted daughter. That she filed adopted papers with Dean. Than Dean met Tori and all her plans being a family fell though. Dean only want to be parent to his son Jack and not his daughter. Tori old cast 90201cast don’t talk and she wonder why. Why should Brandi Glanville accept Eddie’s actions? At least don’t sneak around and lie about things.

  • Anonymous

    I just love the fact that Leann “mistress” found out her ‘boyfriend ” was having sex with his “wife “at the same time he was doing her and probably sayin”””””””””””””””Oh, Leann I love you so much,we’ll soon be together, and by the way, Do you have a few bucks for my gym membership'”

  • Anonymous

    LeAnn and Eddie were both married that time.
    Both broke their marriage vows.
    Eddie failed his children.

  • Anonymous

    go to “leann rimes nose picking” Now thats a great site for everyone including EC to envision Thought people stopped doing that at about the age of 3

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe it, Brandi Glanville is the distant cousin of a man from Yampa Valley.

  • Koowie

    Yes, she needs to move on and Leann needs to get some self confidence.

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