Brittany Murphy’s Husband Had 2 Secret Children

Simon Monjack‘s life just got a little more mysterious. The late Brittany Murphy‘s husband – who was found dead on May 24 just five months after his wife – had two children from previous relationships, TMZ reports.

Monjack’s secret kids were discovered when his family went through his laptop computer. Reportedly, they found emails from two women asking for child support. According to TMZ, he has a son by one woman and a daughter by another.

Monjack’s family has passed the computer on to the coroner’s office.

Monjack was found dead in the same Los Angeles home where Murphy had died. He appeared to have died from a heart attack after delaying surgery to repair a heart condition.

Murphy died on December 20 at the age of 32 from pneumonia complicated by iron deficiency, anemia and drug intoxication.

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  1. Ben and his family

    What does that have to due with Britney..they weren’t her children… Because
    her mom let his family live in the house after his death…Why pass it on to the
    coroner ..what does that solve… nothing.. and why is this news are they
    going after Britney’s money for the child support..

  2. Tazina

    His family stole the computer out of Britney’s mom’s house. The police have been notified.

  3. Anonymous

    Do any of you commenting on this post know how to read? Her name is spelled *Brittany*.

  4. CDionFan21

    It says HIS family NOT HER family! HIS family found this out NOT her’s, read more clearly people. Who says her family let HIS family live in her their house? Secondly why give the laptop to the corners office? What on earth would they need it for?

  5. Anonymous

    It’s just so sad what happened to the both of them.

  6. lisa mitt

    CDionfan21 … That his family stayed with his Brittany’s mom at Brittany’s release ..How else would his family get a hold of the computer.. Where else would the computer be…if not in the home that Brittany and her husband shared..What does the coroners office have to do with it.. and plus it is
    not stolen if it was given to coroners office..

  7. CDionFan21

    who cares if his family was staying at the house? that’s not really a big deal.

  8. peter

    Sad story. If brittany died with no will, estste passed to husband, if he had no will, it now does to his 2 illegitimate kids, he and wife had no og0-093 kids, she had no kids.

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