Reese Witherspoon Delights Kids With Intro To Robert Pattinson

Looks like Teri Hatcher isn’t the only cool mom in town! While Emerson Rose got to meet Justin Bieber thanks to her movie star mom, Reese Witherspoon‘s kids have also reaped the benefits of being the children of a famous parent.

Witherspoon, 34, was able to wow her two darlings by setting up a meeting with super-hunk Robert Pattinson, 24, star of the blockbuster Twilight sagas, People reports.

Lucky Ava Phillipe, aged 10, who is Witherpoon’s daughter with actor Ryan Phillipe, was apparently eager to meet Pattinson. An onlooker said she “seemed especially excited to meet him” and her brother Deacon, 6, was also seen chatting with the star.

Both stars are on-set in Piru, Calif. filming their new movie, Water for Elephants, where a source has quoted Witherspoon as saying, “the filming with Rob is going really well.” The source added, “Reese was excited for her children to meet him.”

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  1. Anonymous

    She looks just like her mother but i can see Ryan in this pic…

  2. Anonymous

    Ava looks just like Ryan…It’s getting harder to See Reese in her anymore.. Head, Face & Lips ( all Ryan)…Deacon is getting som Reese in him..LOL!!

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