Camila Alves & Her Beautiful Baby

What a cutie! Brazilian beauty Camila Alves was seen carrying her gorgeous 5-month-old daughter Vida in New York City today (June 14). Camila’s son Levi, who turns 2 next month, was also spotted with his model mama and baby sister.

The kids’ papa is hunky actor, Matthew McConaughey. The family-of-four recently arrived in the Big Apple. We just saw Camila and the kids strolling near their Malibu, Calif. home on Saturday.

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  1. Anonymous

    OMG!! Vida is such a beautiful baby!! (l)

  2. Anonymous

    Such a little cutie patootie. Her brother should give her some his hair. lol
    Two gorgeous little ones!

  3. CDionFan21

    Vida is gonna be bigger than Levi! Does that kid ever grow?

  4. Anonymous

    both kiddies are soo cute, but yes vida needs some hair and levi needs to grow! lol

  5. Sophia

    Whaat? “Vida needs some hair and Levi needs to grow”? That’s such a weird thing to say. They’re babies. They’re meant to be little and have not much hair. All I can say is that they’re both beautiful children 🙂

  6. Hannah.J

    Levi needs a haircut he is starting to look like a girl and his sister is gorgeous what am I saying they are both gorgeous.

  7. Anonymous

    Once again, no matter what picture you see of this kid, he always looks dirty and disheveled. His clothes never match, his pants are too short and his hair is always unruly and unkempt.

    • Anonymous

      yaaawn.. we’ve heard this comment a gazillion times before.. yet what people never seem to notice is that he actually looks like a happy kid, unlike all the other celeb kids dressed in designer outfits

      Personally I feel children should be allowed to look messy, it’s what they’re kids for!

  8. Anonymous

    They are so CUTE, Vida is as beautiful as her name 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    Vida looks more like her daddy. Levi is all Camila

  10. anonymous

    To Anonymous who posted at 6:55 am – kids are meant to look messy? I hope you’re not a parent. Then again, based on your comment, you are probably a child yourself. I don’t know many adults that use the word gazillion.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous didn’t say “meant to look messy”. They wrote “allowed”. Big difference between meant and allowed. Can’t say enough for the value of critical reading skills and the lack of them in many readers.

  11. Tazina

    The kids are both adorable. Not sure why the older children posting on here have to make nasty comments about them unless their own lives are missing something.

  12. Erica

    I love Levi’s style! Offbeat, and comfy – I hate it when parents try to make sure their kids look perfect all the time to make themselves feel better.
    Both of these kids are beautiful! Being critical of how a child is growing is kind of weird….none of us have seen him in person. To me he always looks cute, happy and busy! Love this family 🙂

  13. tkwe

    look at those gorgeous eyes, she’s a a beauty 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    “children should be allowed to look messy” i love it! i agree 100%
    Levi always looks happy and ready to explore the world. and Vida is adorable. cant wait to see more photos of her!
    no words about Camila-how does she do this…she is always so beautiful!

  15. Anonymous

    Vida is stunningly beautiful, just like her mommy!!!

  16. freya

    She is the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. Vida will be stunning when she is older and Levi is beautiful as well. I love how they are dresses. If you don’t know the family then you can’t pass judgement on them or criticise how anyone, weather they are famous or not, is raising their children, everyone does their best and just because it isn’t how you would or are raising yours doesn’t mean that it is wrong. Stop picking hole in the lives of celebrity’s just because it makes you feel better. People don’t come on this website to read negative comments about other peoples children.

  17. Sarah G.

    Wow! Vida is absolutely beautiful!

  18. Anonymous

    Waou she is so beutifull !!!!
    she will be so beutufull when she grow up

  19. SG

    These children are so beautiful! 🙂

  20. CDionFan21

    oh good grief get over it ppl all I said was Levi is a small kid, I was joking shesh. Lighten up and take a chill pill. god.

    • Anonymous

      to CDionFan21 — you are right. He is small. Nothing hateful about a true comment not meant to be hateful. These idiots on here are a bunch of loser women with no life that think ALL children are just BEAUTIFUL. Well, not all of us feel that way because the simple truth is that NOT ALL CHILDREN ARE BEAUTIFUL.

      These people must dream about lollipops and rainbows and live in an imaginary world and have issues about facing reality. Bunch of defensive, simple-minded morons. Pay no attention. You made a very accurate and real comment.

      • CDionFan21

        finally some who realizes I was just stating a fact, he just looks like a small kid to me was all I was saying and I was simply JOKING, JOKING that Vida was gonna be bigger than him and he needed to grow. Shesh, some kids are taller than others, some shorter, some bigger, some smaller is all I was pointing out.

  21. Tippy

    Vida is so cute, she puts the Affleck girls to shame!! Hands down, cutest celeb baby out there.

  22. Lioness

    My goodness, those two sure do make some gorgeous babies! Vida is beautiful!! And Levi- I can’t take him, he’s so freakin’ cute!

  23. ...

    Vida and Levi are beautiful!! and Levi doesn’t look “dirty” . That’s really rude. I think those comments are racist because Camila is from brazil and bla bla bla… i dont know…

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