Larry Birkhead & Dannielynn’s Slidin’ Smiles

Weeeeeeee! Larry Birkhead and his gorgeous 3 1/2-year-old daughter Dannielynn spent a fun filled afternoon together at a farmers market in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (June 13). The father-daughter duo were all smiles as they went down a slide together.

Dannielynn’s mother is the late Anna Nicole Smith. At the time of her third birthday, Larry said that Dannielynn was showing signs of missing a mother figure in her life:

She misses her mom so much. Right now she’s at the age where she’s noticing that other children in television and in books have moms. She said to me the other day quite seriously, “Where’s my mom?” It was sad but I explained to her, “Your mommy is in the clouds and you’ll see her again one day.” She knows who her mom is, though — I make sure of that. Our home is filled with photos of Anna and recognizes her straight away. I want to keep her mom and Daniel in her mind.”

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  • Anonymous

    She looks happy!

  • Anonymous


  • Susan

    She is always looking happy. I think Larry is doing a great job!

  • Anonymous

    I think Larry is doing an AWESOME!! JOB raising his litte girl, she always looks so happy and healthy she looks so much like Anna she has her smile that’s for sure!!!

  • Anonymous

    So good to see

  • Hannah.J

    Wow she isn’t a baby anymore she is a little girl. You can tell they have a close bond look at how happy they both are just beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    Dannielynn still has strabismus and big bones, just like her mother. Birkhead still lives in Hollywood and exploits a motherless daughter in tabloids.

    • Cari

      And you’re still a troll.

  • Tazina

    Well, haters are everywhere and need to be ignored. Larry really stepped up to the plate to care for Dannielynn. They live in Kentucky, not in Hollywood. This is an example of what a Dad should be.

  • Heart

    Dannielynn birkhead so beatiful little girl im glad for she and perfect mix perants larry and mom

  • lora

    Dannielynn is beautiful. She looks like just mom. She’s always with daddy together 🙂


    To Anonymous that posted t 2:30 a.m. – from these pictures, where do you see something wrong with her eye? Where do you see “big bones”? How is sliding down a slide in the farmer’s market with paparazzi taking picutres of them exploiting her?

    • Anonymous

      I was wondering the same thing, what’s wrong with her eye? She had the lazy eye taken care of when she was a baby..

  • Anonymous

    She still has problems with her eye, it’s obvious, but the other accusations are just ridiculous and Larry seems a very good dad. It’s a good thing he keeps the memory of Anna Nicole and Daniel alive in Dannielynn’s mind.

    • Anonymous

      lol…I’m sure she has a doctor monitoring her eye (maybe the same who did surgery). If i had the means I’d do what i had to do to be with my child all day…sucks to go to work most of the day and come home to basically put my child to bed for school in the morning. If that means selling some stuff or doing an interview..

  • Anonymous

    She is so pretty, and looks real happy , so wonderful..

  • Andreea

    i like her so much!!

  • Anonymous

    If Larry lives in Kentucky then how come he is always with Dannilynn at these functions. If it’s a c-list celebrity event, Larry’s there. While I think he’s a punk and he clearly pimps out his kid, at least he isn’t on drugs and a waste of space like Anna Nicole was. Hopefully because her mother died Dannilynn won’t end up like her poor brother.

  • Talia

    She soooo beautiful pretty gorgous and cute in all around celebrity babies I love here so much she not like mom

  • Da

    She’s always looked like a miniature version of her mom (but still looked like her dad, too), now she looks like he spit her right out!

  • gold digger mom got squat

    Why is she a celebrity her mom was a drug addict who basically killed herself
    But gets her Lawyer and Doctor arrested after death…Anna is famous for
    her days in court which suit today.. to go after her husbands money.. which
    she demanded half.. for 10 years but Dannylyn got in the butt when the court
    decided that Anna Estate gets squat…because not only was she not in his
    will but the gold digger herself is only worth piddle …so again why is her
    daughter famous.. Her father by the way fought in court …for 10 months
    it took Anna to die to get the Paternity test done…!!! Loser daddy still wants
    to be famous …that is the only reason

  • Tina

    I think Anonymous 02:30 is the same person commenting on other posts saying the children are ugly on this site.
    Just ignore the idiot.

  • Cyberkitten41

    Absolutely beautiful little girl..she’s gonna be a heart-breaker! And Larry..oye! he’s handsome..and i totally respect the fact that he’s chosen to raise his daughter. They both seem VERY happy 🙂

  • Anonymous

    She’s a beautiful girl and certainly seems happy. I only wish that these moments didn’t always seem to be conveniently captured by the press.

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