Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Tiffani Thiessen Will Be A “Great Parent”

Us caught up with Mark-Paul Gosselaar recently and asked about how his Saved By The Bell co-star, Tiffani Thiessen, was doing with her pregnancy. “We briefly chatted last week and she is ready to pop,” Mark said.

He said it reminded him of when his wife was in the last few weeks of one of her pregnancies and wished Tiffani good luck getting through that last little speed bump, “It’s not a fun stage for the women or the men involved, but definitely not for the women, so I wish her nothing but the best.” Always the good friend, Mark told Us he thinks Tiffani and her husband Brady Smith, “will make great parents.”

Tiffani agrees saying she knew her husband would be a great father. It seems like she’s taken a very calm approach to her new role as a mother. She’s letting her husband do the worrying for her. “”I’m a wing-it kind of girl,” she said. “My husband’s a little more of a worrier.”

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  • Renee

    I keep checking to see if she had the baby yet. she is overdue at this point! poor girl! its got to be soon though. so excited! she has been my favorite actress since I was a little girl. she will be a great mom!

  • klutzy_girl

    I keep refreshing PEOPLE, her official site, and other sites to find out whether Tiffani’s had the baby yet! Longest celeb pregnancy ever, I swear. She’s probably not feeling too well at this point.

    I think she’s going ot have a girl.

  • Renee

    HAHA me too! it does seem like shes been pregnant forever. Just think what it must feel like to her! I too think shes having a girl. I got a few clues that lead me to believe it is. I think this child knows so many people are waiting for her arrival so shes going to make a grand entrance! lol

  • Nicci

    Yes you are right! Tiffani gets a Baby Girl! And i hope it will be any day now that she gets her little Ones! I like Tiffani so much and i wish her and Brady all the best with her child!!!

  • Anonymouse

    highly doubt she is “overdue.” Probably just announced it early. Besides, pregnancy is 40 weeks, plus or minus 2 weeks.

  • klutzy_girl

    Tiffani said on her Twitter and Facebook that she was due any due now on May 16th. It’s now the 14th of June.

  • Anonymous

    I dont know why she is playing these games?? There are only 3 things I can make of this:

    1. She lied about her due date being in May
    2. She wants more media attention
    3. She wants to make headlines

  • Renee

    Ok anonymous you must not know much about pregnancy. sometimes due dates can be slightly off. its not a perfect science. besides there is a normal time window in there. she was still in it. she could have had it earlier if she wanted to be induced. and if you knew anything about her at all you would know she would not do something like that. she could care less about the media attention.

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