Naomi Watts On Love & Marriage

Actress and mom Naomi Watts opens up about her longtime love Liev Schreiber in a new interview with Marie Claire.

The Mother & Child star says it was love – or at least lust – at first sight when the pair crossed paths five years ago.

“We met here and there before the night we knew something was going to happen. It was never the right time, or we were with other people…. When we finally saw each other at the Met Ball five years ago, we were both single and very aware of each other in the room. It was kind of an intense chemistry. Definitely. I don’t know about love at first sight, but there was a strong desire for one another.”

So are there wedding bells in their future?

“We’ll see,” Naomi says. “It’s never been that important to me. If it was important to our children, I would do it in a heartbeat. We’ll see.”

Naomi and Liev are parents to boys Sasha, 2 1/2, and Kai, 1.

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  • keep on dreaming

    The way he was acting last night makes you think that he has a crush on Scarlett
    Poor Ryan left in the dust …He should of been photographed with Niomi …

    It looks like Liev has the 7 year itch to move on…

  • Anonymous

    She must not love him enough to marry him (or maybe its vice versa), because of course it will be important to her children. Doesn’t it matter to you that your parents are (or were) married? If my parents were never married I would surely think it was because of lack of a real commitment on either of their parts.

  • Anonymous

    Why does everyone feel the need to push marriage on couples? Better why do so many believe that marriage = commitment? It does not. A piece of paper doesn’t secure that. Just look at how many divorces we have in this country makes me happy I’m not. Shoot Rush Limbaugh is on his fourth wife. Enough said.

  • Anonymous

    If all these rumors are true, then Liev may be about to dump Naomi Watts. Maybe he is tired of waiting for Naomi to marry him?

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